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AMC Rewards (Everything You Need to Know about AMC)

AMC Rewards is one of the most talked about by patronizers and it is a notable mention in this article, we shall talk about everything there is to know about AMC rewards.

AMC Rewards (Everything You Need to Know about AMC)

About AMC Theatres Stubs®

Mega movie aficionados who want to be recognized for their dedication can join AMC Stubs®. There are many advantages to using AMC Stubs.

They provided a complete comparison at the bottom! Their benefits are still excellent in 2002.

Members receive free birthday gifts, discounted online ticket fees, Tuesday specials, points toward incentives, and much more! Joining is worthwhile because there are so many opportunities to earn points and use them to get rewards.

AMC Stubs Insider is free to join, and for a limited time, AMC Stubs Premiere is only $15 per year, $7.50! Purchases of tickets and concessions both earn points.

Depending on how frequently you go to the movies, you might purchase the higher-tier AMC Stubs membership.

AMC Rewards

AMC Rewards Program AMC Membership Cost
AMC Insider Price Free
AMC Premiere Price $15
AMC A*List Price $19.95 – $23.95

From casual to die-hard moviegoers, the AMC Stubs Membership Program, or AMC loyalty club, has three tiers that they can choose from:

AMC Rewards Insider®

AMC Insider Cost: Free ($0)

Points: 20 at participating AMC Theatres box offices and concession stands, customers earn points for every dollar they spend on qualified purchases.


AMC Rewards Premiere®

AMC Premiere Cost: $15 annually

 Points: 100 points per dollar spent on eligible purchases at participating AMC Theatres box offices and concession stands.

AMC Rewards A*List®

AMC A-List Cost: Varies depending on which state you live in

1. $19.95/month (All AMC theatre locations in the US except for CA, CO, CT, DE, DC, FL, GA, IL, MA, MD, MN, NJ, NY, PA, VA, and WA.)

2. $21.95/month (All AMC theatre locations in the US except for CA, CT, MA, NJ, and NY.)

3. $23.95/month (All AMC theatre locations in the US.)

Points: For paying the monthly A-List membership fee, members gain points. 

Each additional ticket purchased at participating AMC Theatres’ box offices and concession stands earn 100 points for every dollar spent on eligible products.

Up to three (3) different movie showings are free for Stubs A-List Members each week. 

Standard 2D Digital movies, RealD® 3D movies, and Premium Large Formats like Dolby Cinema®, IMAX® at AMC®, PRIME at AMC®, and D-Box are all acceptable movie formats for A-List benefits.

Insider, Premiere, and A-List Benefits/AMC Rewards

AMC Rewards

AMC’s theater loyalty program offers the widest selection of prizes.

Members are eligible to receive a $5 virtual reward for every 5,000 points gained on purchases made at participating AMC Theatres locations and allowed ticketing partners. 

And even if you purchase your tickets via Fandango, you can still earn Stubs points!

We can apply the $5 reward for Insider Members to the cost of certain food and drink items.

The $5 incentive is redeemable for tickets and approved food and drink items for Premiere Members.

A-List Members may apply their $5 incentive toward qualified food and beverage purchases, box office purchases, and tickets that are not already included in their monthly membership.

Gift cards, retail goods, membership fees, and alcoholic beverages are all prohibited from being purchased with rewards.

Benefit AMC Insider AMC Premiere AMC A List
Biggest promo no No fee to join birthday birthday birthday birthday Birthday gift almost pays for the membership Perfect for watching movies biggests
Biggesthave Have to spend a lot to earn $5 reward Annual fee does not count toward rewards points monthly Monthly fee does not count towards rewards points
Cost Free $15 per year $20-$24 per month points points points points
Points per $1 spent 20 100 100
Points needed for $5 reward 5,000 5,000 5,000
Spend needed to earn $5 reward $250 $50 $50
Waive ticketing fee No* Yes Yes
Redeem rewards for food & beverage Yes Yes Yes
Redeem rewards for movie tickets No Yes Yes
Birthday gift free Free large popcorn free Free large fountain drink & free large popcorn free Free large fountain drink & free popcorn Greentree
Free refill on large popcorn** Yes Yes Yes
Discount Tuesdays Yes Yes Yes
Watch movies for free No No Yes

Birthday Gift

They provide a large popcorn without charge to AMC Stubs Insider Members. They offer free large popcorn and a free large fountain drink to AMC Stubs Premiere & A-List Members.

Ticketing Fee Waived

AMC Rewards

When purchased from AMC or taking part partners, they waived all ticketing expenses for Premiere & A-List Members.

When buying four or more tickets at once through AMC Theatres, Insider Members are exempt from paying any ticketing costs.


One free refill on large popcorn the same day (excluding gourmet).

Members of AMC Stubs must pay the first refill for the yearly refillable popcorn bucket; the second refill is free the same day. 

Concession Upgrades

Premiere and A-List Members get free upgrades on soda and popcorn machines (regular to large). Gourmet popcorn and promotional offers are not included. 

AMC Discount $5 Tuesday Movies

Discounted tickets for AMC Stubs Tuesday performances only (certain blackout periods apply). There are additional fees for premium formats, special occasions, and other exclusions.


Additional Benefits

AMC Theatres occasionally provides additional incentives and events to Members, which may include:

Sponsor Sweepstakes

Special movie showings for AMC Stubs Members only in a few specific markets.

Point Promotions.

limited-time deals on concession stand goods and movie tickets.

AMC Stubs A-List & Premiere Members have priority lanes at participating theaters.

Premiere Seating is a few seats at AMC Theatres Ontario Mills 30 and Puente Hills 20 that are only available to AMC Stubs Premiere & A-List Members.


All AMC Stubs points expire 24 consecutive calendar months after the last point-earning transaction. 

All incentives earned with points expire 270 days after being issued. 

Different bonus rewards have different expiration dates, which will be displayed alongside the offer.

In 2019 alone, AMC sent over 1.5 billion customized emails, SMS, and notifications to visitors. 

This is because of the marketing information they could compile from the Stubs members’ usage patterns. 

This information enables AMC to deliver products that its members demand and to its partners that produce and distribute the films so that they can guarantee that films are marketed appropriately.

As long as AMC maintains giving out birthday presents, Tuesday savings, and, most significantly, a free tier of membership, it seems probable that the program will expand.

Frequently Asked Questions

 1. What Can AMC Rewards be Used For?

After they activated a $5 reward they will immediately deduct the points from the total point balance.

AMC Stubs Insider Members can use their $5 reward towards the purchase of eligible food and beverage items.

AMC Stubs Premiere members can use their $5 reward towards tickets and eligible food and beverage items.

2. Do You Get Free Movies With AMC a-List?

With AMC Stubs A-List, it’s easy to make free online reservations anytime for up to 3 movies every week.

Choose any format, including IMAX® and Dolby Cinema.

There are no blackout dates. You could have a triple feature in one day, or watch movies throughout the week.

3. How do AMC Points Work?

Members receive points for the monthly A-List membership fee.

Any additionally purchased tickets earn 100 points per every dollar spent on eligible purchases at participating AMC Theatres box offices and concession stands.

4. How do I Get Free Popcorn at AMC?

Starting today, existing AMC Investor Connect members and new participants who self-identify as an AMC shareholders and who join AMC Investor Connect through December 31, 2021, will receive one free large popcorn.

The free large popcorn offer will be automatically added to the accounts of AMC Investor Connect members.

5. Does AMC Refill Large Popcorn?

Enjoy a free refill on every large popcorn you purchase.

Plus, at AMC CLASSIC® theatres, your second annual popcorn bucket refill is always free.

6. Is AMC Plus Free With Amazon Prime?

Yes! Amazon Prime Video offers a seven-day free trial of AMC+, which users can also sign up for on Sling, AppleTV, the Roku Channel, and YouTube TV.

7. Can You See Two Movies in One Day With AMC a-List?

You can see multiple movies per day or make reservations for upcoming movies, including all of our premium formats such as Dolby Cinema, RealD® 3D, and IMAX®.

Not only that, but AMC Stubs A-List members also receive benefits of AMC Stubs Premiere complimentary.

8. How Many Tickets Can You Get With AMC a-List?

AMC A-List (also called Stubs A-List) allows moviegoers to see up to three films a week and twelve films a month for the unbelievably reasonable price of 19.95 a month, not including tax.

9. How do I Use My AMC Stubs Points on Fandango?

AMC Stubs A-List members can now reserve tickets through Fandango and Atom Tickets.

Subscribers to the VIP tier of AMC Theatres’ loyalty program can enter their A-List membership number during checkout on the advance ticketing services and apply the ticket to one of their three movies per week.

10. What is Laser at AMC?

The Laser at AMC experience delivered by laser projection from Cinionic includes improved picture contrast compared to digital projectors, more vivid color, and maximum picture brightness, with guaranteed light levels that exceed most 2D digital projections.

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