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eBay Gift Card (How to Use eBay Gift Card)

eBay gift card? At the moment, digital gift cards cannot be purchased on eBay because they are working on a better-than-ever experience that will be released soon.

However, their actual gift cards are available for purchase at Walgreens, CVS, and other nearby merchants.

How to Use eBay Gift Card?

ebay gift card

1. Use your username and password to sign into your eBay account.

2. You may either click “Buy it now” to proceed directly to the checkout or add the item you want to buy to your eBay shopping basket.

3. Then enter the 13-digit card number from the back of your eBay gift card in the “Gift cards, coupons, and eBay dollars” section found on the payment screen. You should also find this number in the email that was attached to the digital gift card if you got one.

4. Select “Apply.”

5. You’ll then see an update to your item in total. Your balance will be $0.00 if there is enough money on your eBay gift card. To cover the total cost of your purchase. Otherwise, you will see the balance that is still owed.

6. To finish your PayPal checkout, click “Confirm and pay” on the right side of the screen.

However, remember that selecting “Confirm and pay” will redirect you to PayPal in order to log in.

If you are not already logged in and/or PayPal is not linked to eBay. This will take place regardless if you made your full purchase with an eBay gift card.

Check the Balance on Your eBay Gift Card

Before you make a purchase, it’s a good idea to verify the balance on your gift card. You can Visit eBay gift card balance checker to confirm your balance.

Then enter the 13-digit gift card redemption code to view the balance of your card.

If your gift card has a balance after you’ve used it, it will continue to have that balance and you can use it the following time you make a purchase on eBay.

However, the money from your eBay gift card will be returned if you return an item you purchased with it.

Then, as long as you’re still logged into your eBay account, you can use the gift card redemption code as long as the account is still valid.


Frequently Asked Questions 

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The Quchange app is the simplest method to convert your eBay gift card to cash. Simply download the app from the App Store or Google Play and create an account. Send your card for verification, then await approval.

eBay gift card payments can now be processed as a “Paypal guest payment” to the seller, just like a buyer can pay with a credit or debit card during checkout.

There may be a delay of several hours before the card number may be used to make a purchase. Thus, eBay gift cards should be activated at the store location at the time of purchase. Anyone who has access to the 13-digit redemption code can use the card, including the pin.

You can only use your eBay Gift Card at the checkout on eBay.com. Use of your gift card outside of the eBay platform is not permitted.

To exchange your card for cash, visit a Gift Card Exchange kiosk. Gift Card Exchange kiosks are typically found at grocery stores and are bright yellow. After entering your card details, the kiosk will present you with an offer that you can accept or refuse.

You can transfer The PayPal balance freely to a bank account at any time. By selecting the “withdraw” link towards the top of the PayPal home page. If you have already registered a bank account with the service. Transfers are immediately taken out of PayPal, and it typically takes three to four business days for them to see up in the account.

Gift cards are a favorite among con artists because they resemble paper money. A burglar only needs the numbers on the back of your gift card to steal your balance in an almost untraceable manner. Never remove the covering that protects those digits before you’re ready to use the card.

Almost every product on our site accepts payment in the form of eBay gift cards. Your gift card can be used to pay in full or in part for your subsequent transaction.

You respectfully inform your buyer that you do not accept eBay Gift Cards and that she must use one of the payment methods. eBay specifies on your listing in order to purchase from you or any other seller on eBay. Please don’t fall for it; gift cards are one of the easiest things to scam or fraud.

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