Costco Hearing Aid Prices

Costco Hearing Aid Prices ( Reviews, Pros and Cons, and Prices)

You might purchase hearing aids from Costco if you or a loved one has hearing loss. Hearing aids function by boosting the sounds you hear. Because it varies so much from person to person, it’s challenging to find the size and style of hearing aid you require. There isn’t a single, universally effective hearing aid. in this article, review to help you and also with Costco Hearing aid prices.

Costco Hearing Aid Prices ( Reviews, Pros and Cons, and Prices)

The cost of hearing aids is likewise high. They frequently only have partial insurance coverage. They are not at all covered in the vast majority of cases.

The nationwide wholesale retailer Costco carries a variety of hearing aid brands in its hearing aid centers.

Costco hearing aid purchases can be cost-effective, but not everyone will find them to be the right decision.

Let’s go over the information you need to have before purchasing hearing aids from Costco.

What are Costco Hearing Aid Centers?

In the US, there are over 500 Costco warehouse locations. Most have a hearing aid center on-site, but not all.

Most of the staff at Costco Hearing Aid Centers are certified hearing aid specialists.

Hearing aid experts are not obliged to hold a doctoral degree in audiology, in contrast to audiologists.

Along with hearing aid specialists, certain Costco Hearing Aid Centers also employ audiologists.

Before scheduling an appointment, find out if going to an audiologist is workable where you are.

The inability to buy Costco hearing aids online is a negative cited in older web evaluations.

Costco offers limited remote support services for some hearing aids when you buy them through their Hearing Aid Center.

At a Hearing Aid Center, Costco members can arrange a no-cost hearing test and make hearing aid purchases. The hearing aid center also offers cleanings, modifications, and follow-up sessions.

What is Costco’s Hearing Aids?

What is Costco’s Hearing Aids?

Costco carries five hearing aid brands:

1. Kirkland Signature

2. Philips

3. Phonak

4. Jabra

5. Rexton

Kirkland Signature

The private label brand Kirkland Signature is one that Costco uses.

Sonova International, a hearing aid manufacturer based in Switzerland, makes Kirkland hearing aids.

Sonova produces hearing aids with the Phonak, Hansaton, and Unitron brand names.

The Kirkland Signature 10.0T hearing aid has Bluetooth and T-coil technology built-in.

This can make it simpler to hear in situations when hearing is more difficult, such as in crowded areas of restaurants, shops, and concerts.

It is worn behind the ear and comes in five different hues.

Both iOS and Android devices can use this hearing aid.

You won’t need to bother buying new disposable batteries because it is rechargeable.

Since its release, the Kirkland Signature 10.0T (also known as the KS10T) has received mainly favorable reviews.

Certain users appreciate the Bluetooth functionality of these hearing aids, which may sync to your mobile device via an app accessible for iOS and Android. You

may easily switch between using your hearing aid to listen to music, making a phone call, and paying attention to the person in front of you.

Some reviewers complain that wearing these hearing aids and spectacles together is a little challenging.

Some complain that the “touch to turn off” feature is a little too sensitive and occasionally unintentionally turns the hearing aid off.

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Pros of the KS10T Hearing Instrument

These hearing aids function as headphones that connect to your smartphone.

They cost a lot ($1,400), however, they are still less expensive than many other products that are extremely similar.

Cons of the KS10T Hearing Instrument

You might notice it taking up room behind your ears because it’s bigger than typical hearing aids.

The only available option is rechargeable, so if you want a battery-operated mode, you can’t choose that.


The Philips HearLink 9030 model, a manufacturer of health technology with headquarters in Amsterdam, is available from Costco. Another behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid is this one.

In place of background noise, it amplifies the noises you wish to hear, such as nearby conversations, using artificial intelligence (AI).

The HearLink 9030 has Bluetooth capability and connects to iOS and Android smartphones using an app.

For this product, Costco also offers a range of supplemental accessories, including:

1. a TV adaptor that transmits sound straight to your hearing aids from your television

2. a hearing aid clip and remote control for making calls (this one only works with Android devices)

Although this hearing aids cost around $200 more than Kirkland’s, they are still more affordable than some other high-end brands.

Pros of the Philips HearLink 9030

You may easily adjust the settings on your hearing aids using an app on your smartphone.

According to some reviews, it is a significantly more affordable alternative to other cutting-edge hearing aids with AI technology.

Cons of the Philips HearLink 9030

If you have curious kids or pets around, you’ll need to keep the charging case out of their reach because it doesn’t close.

Wearing a hearing aid may require some getting used to because it occupies a lot of space behind your ear.



The Phonak Brio 5 hearing aid is available at Costco. The Brio 5 is available as an in-the-ear (ITE) or BTE device.

It has Bluetooth connectivity, syncs with two devices simultaneously, and is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

You can also use the Phonak app to change your settings and contact customer service.

A T-coil is their trademark technology.

A Phonak Brio 5 model for moderate-to-severe hearing loss or a model for mild hearing loss are also options.

Accessories are available for watching TV and listening to audio from a distance (such as in a lecture hall). They charged these extras.

The Kirkland and Philips hearing aids at Costco are much less expensive than the Phonak devices.

Hearing aids from Phonak may be more durable because they engineer them to be water and dust-resistant.

Having that resilience justifies the price for certain clients.

Pros of the Phonak Brio 5

Some individuals believe the Phonak Brio 5 to be more durable because it is resistant to water and dust.

To change the settings to your desire, you can use the app as a remote control.

Cons of the Phonak Brio 5

Since the Phonak Brio 5 devices cannot be recharged, spare batteries must always be available.

This hearing aid is substantially more expensive than the ones that Costco sells.


The Jabra Enhance Pro PM hearing aid is available at Costco.

The business that manufactures Jabra also produces ReSound hearing aids, which were once marketed at Costco but are no longer available there.

A BTE gadget, the Jabra Enhance Pro PM comes in eight different hues. Whichever type suits your degree of hearing loss is your choice.

The Bluetooth-enabled Jabra Enhance Pro PM connects to iOS and Android devices.

You can change your settings using an app on iOS or Android depending on the situation you’re in. If a hearing aid is missing, the app can help find it.

They may recharge this device. It costs about the same as Kirkland or Philips BTE products offered by Costco.

Pros of the Jabra Enhance Pro PM

For a product that is comparable to Kirkland and Philips versions, it is reasonably priced.

According to the manufacturer, the rechargeable battery lasts longer than certain models, lasting more than a day between charges.

Cons of the Jabra Enhance Pro PM

There aren’t many unique qualities that set this model apart from others offered at Costco.

This hearing aid is allegedly more prone to wax buildup, according to some users.

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Costco Hearing Aid Prices

A company that specialized in hearing aids is called Rexton. The Rexton BiCore C R-Li hearing aids are available at Costco. The price is similar to those from Kirkland, Jabra, and Philips.

There are disposable and rechargeable battery options for the Biore C R-Li.

They designed them to be worn behind the ear.

They also provide ITE variants of this hearing aid in custom sizes.

Like the other devices on this list, the Biore C R-Li features Bluetooth functionality and an app that you may use to change the settings and access remote help.

Both iOS and Android devices can use it.

According to Rexton, the Biore C R-capacity Li’s to separate speech from ambient noise is its distinguishing feature.

The manufacturer claims that this technique also increases the battery life of their products. According to Rexton, 30 minutes of charging will provide 6 hours of hearing aid use.

The hearing aids made by this manufacturer are likewise renowned for their robustness. They are impact, UV, and water-resistant.

Pros of the Rexton BiCore C R-Li

Compared to other BTE solutions from Costco, the hearing aids come in more colors and are a little more covert.

Compared to other hearing aids on the list, the anticipated battery life is superior.

It is resistant to UV light, water, impact, and other environmental elements.

Cons of Rexton BiCore C R-Li

It lacks AI, unlike more expensive models, and the Costco model doesn’t seem to have a T-coil.

According to some reviewers, Bluetooth or the hearing aid itself may occasionally turn off without the user’s consent.

A cheap way to get hearing aids is through Costco Hearing Aid Centers. They offer five brands, including Costco’s own Kirkland Signature.

Every kind of hearing aid is available at Costco, including those that have rechargeable batteries and others that can connect via Bluetooth.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Costco the Only Place Where I Can Get Hearing Aids?

No, there are several places where you can get hearing aids.

Audiologists who specialize in assessing your hearing and assisting you in making a purchasing decision sell hearing aids.

These include hearing aid stores and licensed hearing aid dispensers beside Costco Hearing Aid Centers (these are like optical distributors or eyewear stores).

2. What Hearing Aid is the Best Option for Me?

There isn’t a perfect hearing aid that fits everyone. To choose the best hearing aid solution for you, you must visit an audiologist or other hearing specialist.

Which product is best for you will depend on your lifestyle, hearing loss kind, and spending limit.

3. What Else Comes With the Hearing Aid?

Usually, your hearing aids will be packaged with several essential accessories.

If you choose a rechargeable alternative, this will also come with a charging station, a travel case, and cleaning supplies for your hearing aid.

All hearing aids purchased from Costco include access to a smartphone app that you can use to personalize your hearing aid choices.

4. Does Costco Use Audiologists?

Not all the staff members at the Costco Hearing Aid Centers are audiologists with the credentials.

The staff of some hearing centers does, however, include audiologists.

If you need to see an audiologist, phone ahead to make sure that someone will be available that day.

5. Are Costco Hearing Aids Good Quality?

Most reviewers agree that Costco hearing aids are excellent, especially considering their low cost.

Kirkland, a private label trademark of Costco makes one of the most well-liked hearing aids on the market.

Most hearing aid manufacturers don’t let you return the item for a refund, but Kirkland does.

6. Does Insurance or Medicare Cover Hearing Aids?

Standard Medicare doesn’t cover hearing aids. If you have a Medicare Advantage plan, there may be some coverage available through that plan.

7. How Long Do Batteries Last In Kirkland Hearing Aid?

According to several Kirkland hearing evaluations, the battery lasts for 24 hours.

However, according to evaluations of other Kirkland Signature hearing aids, their batteries lasted longer than three days before they needed to be changed.

8. Can I Leave My Hearing Aid Charger Plugged in All the Time?

When not in use, always store your hearing aids in the charging station, even if they are not completely depleted.

The battery will not be drained or have its life reduced by continuous charging. In actuality, the reverse is true. Avoid keeping your hearing aids in a standby charging unit.

9. Should You Remove Hearing Aid Batteries at Night?

Keep the hearing aid battery box open at night so that moisture can escape.

By doing this, they will protect the hearing aid from corrosion and battery damage.

Dead batteries must be removed right away. A battery that has been entirely depleted could bulge and be challenging to remove.

10. How Many Hours do 312 Hearing Aid Batteries Last?

Given that a size 312 battery has a capacity of 145 milliamp-hours (mAh), one may calculate an anticipated battery life of 111.5 hours by dividing 145 mAh by 1.3 mA.

The typical receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aid user reports 76 hours of total use-time per battery, according to our survey.

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