is There Any HBO Max Student Discount for 2023?

Is There Any HBO Max Student Discount for 2023?

As a student who is trying to save money for books and tuition fees, it might be difficult to find money for entertainment. However, with the student discount for HBO Max, you can now watch your favorite movies and TV episodes for a fraction of the price.

is There Any HBO Max Student Discount for 2023?

Students are frugal with their money and take advantage of any chance to save some. You would jump for joy if you heard that your preferred video streaming service provides a student discount unless your parents are millionaires.

HBO Max Student Discount 2023

HBO Max no longer provides the student discount that it once did. Even if you don’t have the HBO Max Student discount promo code, you may still join as an eligible full-time student and enjoy a lower-cost subscription.

As long as you are a student, you can continue to access HBO Max at the current price of US$ 9.99.

Aside from that, you can obtain Max Student discount coupons from other sites. Furthermore, HBO Max has been renamed Max, indicating its merger with Discovery Plus and a new approach to streaming.

HBO Max does not provide a student discount. Students frequently look for student discounts to help them save money on entertainment.

HBO Max used to provide student discounts to qualifying university students, however, this option is no longer available.

How to Sign up for HBO Max Student Discount

HBO Max Student Discount

A cable channel called HBO provides exclusive programs for users who will access an infinite amount of HBO Films and other original shows via the internet service known as HBO Max.

HBO’s content will be available in one place on HBO Max. This includes all the episodes of Ballers, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Game of Thrones.

The following are steps to get HBO Max;

1. Visit

2. Select ‘Sign in,’ found in the top right corner.

3. Click “Sign in through TV or mobile provider,” then click “View all providers” and select your school from the drop-down menu.

HBO Max Delivers New Mobile Apps for iOS and Android

The HBO Max App Google Play & App Store

Most mobile devices, including iOS and Android, support the HBO max.

All the most recent episodes of your favorite HBO shows are available on the HBO Max app, along with movies that can be rented or bought.

But if you use the HBO Max app, you may watch live TV with an HBO subscription! Have a Game of Thrones addiction?

You’re not required to wait until Sunday at 9:00 EST to watch it. Download the free HBO Max App to watch Game of Thrones immediately on your smartphone!

You can subscribe to HBO Max for just $9.99 monthly if you are a student.

Only college students are eligible for this price reduction, which also includes the normal $5.99 add-on for HBO’s on-demand programming.

The discount is valid for all active subscriptions, new subscriptions, and recurring billing.

This discount will not be available to subscribers who have been with the service for some time.

However, it is a great deal to take advantage of if you start your HBO Max subscription.

How to Get HBO Max Student Discount Promo Codes

How o You Get HBO Max at University?

You can get Student Discount Promo Codes by following the listed steps below.

1. Look up HBO Max.

2. In the top-right corner, click the sign up now button.

3. Enter your email address and password, then click the sign-in button.

4. Fill out your information and pick Full-Time-Eligible-Student.

5. Enter your card information and, if applicable, the promo code. (We’ll go through how to apply promo codes in a moment.)

6. Finally, click the start subscription button.

You can visit the following websites to get Max discount promo codes.

Best Shops that Provide HBO Max Student Discounts

1. Paramount+: Paramount can replace HBO Max. However, the primary distinction between it and HBO is the 25% student discount it provides to undergrads.

It offers internet streaming and a high-quality selection of entertaining entertainment channels.

2. Studios: Universal Studios, a long-standing provider of entertainment media, is still ranked among the top 10 global providers of online video streaming services.

They feature a big selection of films, cartoons, series, and TV shows, and they give students a $35 discount.

To receive this promotion, you might need to present a student ID, though.

3. Fanatics: They offer high-quality movies, TV shows, and streaming services for a 15 percent off student discount. College students are increasingly favoring fans as a major.

HBO, like it is in the article, offers a student discount, which is the HBO max student discount, and students should utilize it in order to both have savings and, at the same time, have fun streaming movies and favorite TV series online.

While there is no special HBO Max student discount in 2023, students can still enjoy a discounted membership fee.

You can enjoy all of the excellent content on HBO Max at a lower rate whether you sign up through a third-party provider, take advantage of the free trial, or share the subscription with family or friends.

So, if you’re a student seeking good entertainment, HBO Max is a good option.

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