CVS Pharmacy Hours

CVS Pharmacy Hours – What Time Does it Open and Close?

CVS Pharmacy Hours: Discover the convenient operating hours of CVS Pharmacy, one of the leading pharmacy chains in the United States, ensuring you never miss out on quality healthcare products and services.

CVS Pharmacy Hours

When it comes to convenience, reliability, and quality pharmaceutical services, CVS Pharmacy stands out as one of the leading chains in the United States.

With numerous locations nationwide, CVS Pharmacy has become a go-to destination for prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, health products, and more. One common question that many customers have is about the operating hours of CVS Pharmacy.

As you read through, you will explore the opening and closing times of CVS Pharmacy stores to help you plan your visits more effectively and ensure you receive the care you need at the right time.

Understanding CVS Pharmacy Hours of Operation

CVS Pharmacy understands the importance of accessibility and strives to cater to customers’ needs throughout the day.

However, it’s important to note that specific operating hours may vary slightly between individual stores due to factors such as location and local regulations.

To find the exact hours of your local CVS Pharmacy, it is recommended to visit the official CVS website or use the CVS Pharmacy Store Locator.

CVS Pharmacy Opening Hours

On average, most CVS Pharmacy locations open their doors between 7:00 AM and 9:00 AM. This early opening time ensures that customers can conveniently drop by before work or start their day with any necessary medical purchases.

However, it’s worth noting that some CVS Pharmacy stores, particularly those located within shopping centers or busy areas, may have extended operating hours and open as early as 6:00 AM.

CVS Pharmacy Closing Hours

CVS Pharmacy stores typically close between 8:00 PM and 10:00 PM, providing customers with ample time to complete their shopping or pick up prescriptions after regular business hours.

Similar to opening times, some CVS Pharmacy locations may have extended closing hours, especially those situated in densely populated areas or areas with a high demand for late-night services.

Weekend and Holiday Hours

It’s important to be aware that CVS Pharmacy operates on extended hours during weekends and holidays, allowing individuals to access necessary medications and healthcare products outside of regular business hours.

During these times, CVS Pharmacy stores may open earlier and close later than usual. Additionally, it’s advisable to check the official CVS website or contact your local store to confirm the specific operating hours during holidays, as they may vary.

Tips for Planning Your CVS Pharmacy Visits

1. Utilize the CVS Store Locator: To ensure accuracy, use the CVS Pharmacy Store Locator available on the official website or the CVS mobile app. This tool provides up-to-date information on store locations, hours, and contact details.

2. Call Ahead: If you are unsure about the hours of operation for a specific CVS Pharmacy store, don’t hesitate to call ahead and verify the opening and closing times. This will help you plan your visit accordingly and avoid any inconvenience.

3. Take Note of Holiday Hours: Especially during holidays and special occasions, CVS Pharmacy may adjust its operating hours. Stay informed by checking the official CVS website, and social media channels, or contacting the store directly for any holiday-specific changes.


Whether you need to pick up a prescription, purchase over-the-counter medications, or explore a wide range of health products, CVS Pharmacy is a trusted destination for all your pharmaceutical needs.

How to Find CVS Pharmacy Hours

How to Find CVS Pharmacy Hours

One crucial piece of information that customers often seek is the operating hours of CVS Pharmacy stores.

We have provided you with a comprehensive guide on how to easily find CVS Pharmacy hours, ensuring you can plan your visits efficiently and receive the care you need at the right time.

Visit the Official CVS Pharmacy Website

The official CVS Pharmacy website is an excellent resource for finding accurate and up-to-date operating hours of their stores. Follow these steps to access the information you need:

1. Open your preferred web browser and navigate to the official website

2. On the homepage, locate the “Find a CVS Pharmacy” option, usually found at the top or in the main menu.

3. Enter your city, state, or ZIP code in the search box provided.

4. Click on the search icon or press “Enter” to initiate the search.

5. A list of CVS Pharmacy locations near your specified area will be displayed, along with their respective hours of operation.

Use the CVS Pharmacy Mobile App

CVS Pharmacy offers a user-friendly mobile app that allows you to find nearby stores and access their operating hours from the convenience of your smartphone. Here’s how to utilize the app effectively:

1. Download and install the CVS Pharmacy app from your device’s app store.

2. Open the app and grant any necessary permission.

3. Tap on the “Store Locator” or similar option.

4. Enter your location information, such as city, state, or ZIP code.

5. The app will display a list of nearby CVS Pharmacy stores, along with their hours of operation.

Contact CVS Pharmacy Customer Service

If you prefer a more direct approach or have specific inquiries regarding CVS Pharmacy hours, contacting their customer service team is a reliable option. Follow these steps to get in touch:

1. Dial the CVS Pharmacy customer service number, which is typically available on their official website.

2. Once connected, navigate through the automated menu or select the appropriate option to speak with a representative.

3. Provide your location information or specific store details to inquire about the operating hours.

4. The customer service representative will gladly assist you by providing accurate CVS Pharmacy hours.

Knowing the opening and closing hours of CVS Pharmacy is essential for managing your healthcare needs effectively.

By understanding the general operating hours and utilizing the store locator tool or contacting your local store, you can plan your visits to CVS Pharmacy with confidence.

Remember that operating hours may vary depending on the store’s location and local regulations, so it’s always a good idea to verify the specific hours before your visit.

With its commitment to accessibility and convenience, CVS Pharmacy continues to serve as a reliable resource for all your pharmaceutical needs.

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