What Time Does Burlington Close

What Time Does Burlington Close & Open? (Business Hours)

What time does Burlington close? Burlington Coat Factory is a discount retailer that is often found in shopping centers and standalone locations all throughout the United States.

Monroe Milstein established the business in 1972. They frequently referred it to as just “Burlington.”

Less than five years ago, this factory outlet, which was first established in Burlington, New Jersey, went public.

Over 500 locations in over 40 states and the Burlington Coat Factory operates in Puerto Rico. Burlington sells a wide range of goods.

Some of these include furniture, apparel, presents, baby clothes, shoes, and furnishings.

What Time Does Burlington Close?


The Burlington Coat Factory’s weekly hours are generally consistent, though they may vary somewhat toward the end of the week.

Monday through Friday, 9:30 AM to 10 PM are Burlington hours. The business hours, which begin with the weekend off, are consistent.

For most sites, Burlington opens at 9:30 AM and closes at 10 PM. There will be a minor alteration on Sunday, but nothing too significant.

On this day, Burlington store hours are a half-hour shorter than they are the rest of the week.

Burlington opens at its regular time on Sunday (9:30 AM) and closes at 9:30 PM. Please keep in mind that Burlington’s hours are prone to change and can differ according to the location.

Does Burlington Offer Online Shopping?

What time does Burlington close? Now that we have seen when Burlington closed, let’s find out if they offer online shopping.

They no longer offer online sales, Just a few days before the closure of its doors because of coronavirus lockdowns.

Burlington Stores issued the statement on March 5.

The lack of a website during the coronavirus pandemic would have been fatal for many retailers.

Also, 28 stores were permanently closed by Burlington. But after that, the bargain shop opened 62 more. Additionally, its shares reached a record high last month.


Frequently Asked Questions

What time does Burlington close

No more online sales. Just a few days before the closure of its doors because of coronavirus lockdowns, Burlington Stores issued the statement on March 5. The lack of a website during the coronavirus pandemic would have been fatal for many retailers. 28 stores were permanently closed by Burlington.

The greatest time to visit Burlington is on Saturdays early in the morning. When they have fresh stock and nobody is inside, that is. You will have enough time to browse and wait in the lengthy checkout queue.

Burlington is your easy one-stop shopping destination where you can find a wide selection of current, premium, name-brand, and designer goods every day at prices up to 60% lower than those of other merchants.

Open a Burlington Coat Factory store credit card and use it to receive 10% off your initial purchase.

The company eliminated the word “coat factory” from its name in 2009. To emphasize its larger range, could better exploit its everyday-low-price strategy. Without sweeping markdowns, according to Kingsbury, who said the decision to forgo major discounts was the consequence of his realization.

Some buyers believe that Marshalls offers lower prices. Everything depends on what a person is purchasing. Both stores have distinctive strengths that set them apart from one another. Even though their price structures are comparable and there is some overlap in their product offerings. T.J.

Through UPS® and the USPS, The UPS Store locations provide a broad range of international shipping services. You can have your shipment sent wherever it needs to be using one of their many delivery choices, which range from overnight to ground service.

Unfortunately, Burlington Coat Factory does not provide discounts for military personnel, according to a simple Google search. This is unfortunate given the store’s extensive selection of goods and brands.

Historically, TJ Maxx lowers the prices of its goods on that day. Your best chance for discovering fresh markdowns is on Wednesday mornings, right when the store opens. However, this can vary slightly from store to store.

They received shipments roughly every day. Any day in the middle of the day is truly the finest time to visit.

Please be aware that the Burlington Coat Factory hours can change or differ depending on the location.

For this reason, we advise using the locator to locate the hours of your specific Burlington store.

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