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Does Autozone Install Batteries? Car Battery Guidelines

AutoZone supplies automobile parts and accessories as well as testing and installation services.

Batteries are sold by major auto parts shops, and as long as the installation is simple and does not need the removal of any engine parts, an AutoZone staff member will install the battery for free.

Employees at AutoZone can also assist you in determining whether your battery needs to be replaced or is simply dead and needs to be charged.

Where is AutoZone Located?

The firm is a significant retailer of automotive replacement parts in the United States. They also sell accessories as a top distributor of auto parts.

Vehicle-related chemicals, such as motor oil, are available in most 50 states. In addition, they provide automotive diagnostics and other repair software. 

AutoZone has locations in Puerto Rico, Brazil, Mexico, and the United States.

Does AutoZone Install Batteries?

Does Autozone Install Batteries

Battery installation is only available when you purchase a new replacement battery from AutoZone. They offer a diverse range of battery manufacturers. 

According to customer support representatives, all installation services are free with the purchase of a new battery replacement. They will also recycle your old automobile batteries.

There are, however, a few caveats. Under some conditions, AutoZone may refuse to install batteries. For example, if the installation requires colleagues to remove car components, you may prefer to begin battery installation elsewhere.

Furthermore, if the battery is in an unusual location, such as behind a seat, this retail and distribution outlet may refuse to install it.

Along with the installation, AutoZone provides free battery testing and evaluation while the battery is still inside your vehicle. Store services differ depending on location. As a result, you should call your local store before going.

What to Know Before Buying a New Car Battery

First, decide whether or not you truly need to replace your automobile battery. Before purchasing a new automobile battery, you request that the store’s professionals do a battery test.

It is conceivable for a car battery to lose its charge and require recharging. To confirm this, inquire whether AutoZone specialists will inspect your vehicle’s battery to evaluate its condition. Typically, this is a free service. 

If it turns out that your battery is weak or dead, you may have no choice but to replace it. 

How Much Does a Car Battery Cost?

AutoZone’s battery costs range from $50 to $120. The cost is determined by the type of battery as well as the model and year of your vehicle.

A team member will inspect your car and present you with the many price alternatives. If you want a premium-level battery, expect to pay between $90 and $200—the more expensive the battery, the longer its lifespan. For more expensive batteries, warranty terms are extended.

Personal choice and customer service recommendations influence how much you are willing to spend on a car battery.

What Kind of Batteries Does AutoZone Sell?

What Kind of Batteries Does AutoZone Sell?

AutoZone sells the following items:

Get Your Batteries Checked and Installed at AutoZone for Free

AutoZone installs auto batteries for free, which saves you money. The customer only needs to purchase the new battery from their store.

It takes less than 15 minutes to install a new vehicle battery. AutoZone is a customer choice for this maintenance service because they make it simple.

In addition, if you’re unsure whether you need a new battery, have AutoZone check the charge. Before you buy, they can inspect your existing battery and offer a replacement.

Does AutoZone Recycle Old Batteries?

AutoZone recycles used car batteries. If you have a lot of batteries lying around your house, or even if you want to get rid of one, you may take it to AutoZone and recycle it.

Many localities prohibit the disposal of batteries in the garbage or have severe rules about how to do so.

Not only will AutoZone accept and recycle your batteries, but they will also give you shop credit or gift cards in exchange for them.

Final Remarks

If you’ve misplaced your receipt, contact AutoZone Customer Service and follow the steps provided. 

Finally, AutoZone provides superior battery installation services, and if you still have the receipt, you may take advantage of their 90-day return policy. 

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