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Cheapest Place to Get a Chip Key Made (24 Car Key Replacement)

If you need a replacement car key when the key’s teeth no longer match the lock enough to open the doors because of wear and tear. Also, if you want to know the cheapest place to get a chip key made, then this article will benefit you. 

Cheapest Place to Get a Chip Key Made

The first thing you should do if you find yourself when you need a car key created is to decide what kind of key you’ll require. 

Also, you could only want a straightforward key cut from a common key block if you drive a 1981 vehicle and modern-day cars.

Chip keys are available for modern models of vehicles, In addition, programmable chips are a safety feature in modern cars. 

Interestingly, without the programming, a transponder key would not even work if they cut it to start the car. 

However, chip keys are the third category of automotive keys. 

Chip keys are not at all like regular keys; instead, they function as a remote. These look like attached key fobs and do not need the ignition to be turned on normally.


Cheap Place to Copy Keys

Cheap Place to Copy Keys

There are ways you can get replacement car keys quickly and without it costing a fortune.

1. Auto Locksmith

This is typically the most affordable option because a professional auto locksmith will have all the tools to replace all key types and most car manufacturers’ models.

Also, some auto shops demand a fee even to program car keys using their diagnostic software.

Interestingly, it is most likely the quickest option, as the majority provide mobile services and are experts in automobile keys and locks.

Also, some auto locksmiths are equipped with key programming tools worth well over £100,000. In addition, this allows them to generate replacement keys for almost all automobile models and makes.

2. Car Insurance Provider

Some companies provide replacement keys as part of their premium add-on key cover policies, but you typically have to pay extra for this on top of your auto insurance.

However, some insurers do not cover problems like stolen car keys, other insurers offer key cover as a stand-alone insurance.

In addition, to complete this task, most insurance companies hire a professional auto locksmith.

3. Vehicle Breakdown Service

Depending on the vehicle key you need to replace and the tools. In addition, roadside service providers have on board their vehicle, some roadside help services might assist.

Also, you can have a long wait depending on whether the breakdown service has the right key coding equipment.

In addition, because of the extensive inventory of pricey car key codes and vehicle diagnostic equipment auto locksmiths carry, they are frequently the fastest alternative.

Going directly to the auto locksmith will be the least expensive choice because many breakdown services hire one to perform the operation.

However, they can lack a car locksmith’s specialised knowledge of particular keys and lock kinds.

4. Franchised Car Dealership

Going to your automobile dealership may be the most expensive and time-consuming alternative because, unlike an auto locksmith, they might not have all the specialized tools on hand and can’t come to you.

In addition, the dealership may need to order the key blank, which could delay their ability to assist. Also, a lot won’t have the essential critical programming & diagnostic tools on hand.

5. Local Garage

This could be a nearby garage, albeit this could prove costly given that most garages charge for the diagnostic tools.

Also, the specialized key coding equipment that a vehicle locksmith carries may not be available in garages.

In addition, since it’s a fairly specialized field, it might not be the greatest choice if you’re in a rush to find a garage that can actually replace and program new car keys.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many does it cost to get a chipped key?

How Many Does it Cost to Get a Chipped Key?

Depending on the model of your car, going to the dealer may be the only option for making a duplicate key. Also, this is typically the most expensive option, typically costing between $50 and $175.

Can AutoZone Make a Key with a Chip in it?

Yes, but they also have a better option. Interestingly, they provide clients with an easy and cost-effective solution to buy transponder keys with the highest level of security.

Also, transponder keys with a computer chip are used to operate about 50% of the cars on the road.

Does Home Depot Make Car Chip Keys?

Home depot does cut car keys without transponder chips. Also, since most modern automotive ignition keys require transponder chips, these keys merely open doors.

In addition, there is a small selection of transponder chip keys available at some Home Depot locations that can be duplicated.

Does Lowe’s Make Keys with Chips in them?

No. Lowe’s doesn’t make keys with chips in them. Only an expert locksmith or a car dealer can actually program ignition keys. Also, expect to pay anywhere from $150 to $350 for these keys.

How Much Does Ace Charge to Program Keys?

According to Evans, the price for the service at Weaver’s Ace Hardware ranges from $80 to $180. Also, it depends on whether we can reuse the internal chip from the old fob or if the entire item needs to be replaced.

Does O’Reilly Make keys?

Yes, it does. In addition, since there are thousands of O’Reilly Auto Parts locations around the country. Also, you can make keys by going there to get a key produced is quicker and easier than finding a locksmith.

Does Tractor Supply Make Keys?

No, the Tractor supply doesn’t make keys.

However, most Tractor Supply stores don’t offer any in-store key duplicating services; instead, they only have self-service key copying machines called Minute Key kiosks.

Can AutoZone Program Key Fobs?

Some of them are sold by Autozone, but none of them is programmed there. In addition, automobile owners can program some car keys and fobs.

How do you Duplicate a Car Key with Chips?

Yes, you can. In addition, You can ask a nearby auto shop if it can cut chip keys by calling them. Also, bring your chip key to the shop and ask for a duplicate copy if you can.

Can a Chip Key be Duplicated?

Locksmiths can create a new vehicle key compatible with your automobile’s computer system. Also, they carry programmable, chipped car keys in-store.

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