GameStop Return Policy – Everything a Gamer Needs to Know

Within 30 days of your in-store purchase date or the order receipt date, you can return qualifying GameStop items for a refund or exchange.

Items can be returned online or in-store. Or give their customer care a call at 1-800-883-8895. Either your GameStop order number or your in-store receipt is required.

With the volatility of electronics and software and their inherent compatibility, this gaming and technology merchant stocks a wide amount of stuff, including used software. As a result, returns of purchased items occur on a daily basis.

A Guide to GameStop Return Policy

A Guide to GameStop Return Policy

GameStop offers a fairly accommodating return policy that lets customers send items back within 30 days of purchase. In a similar vein, you have 30 days from the date of delivery to return an item if you ordered it online.

You also have seven days to return any used goods to GameStop. Most of their merchandise can be returned to any GameStop location or through their online return procedure. You can also give them a call at 1-800-883-8895 to get help with your return.

To ensure a smooth return procedure, you will also require your store purchase receipt or your GameStop online order number.

Additionally, GameStop maintains the authority to refuse a return and ask that the product be shipped back to the manufacturer.

Customers need to be aware of the retailer’s return policy. Let us now examine GameStop’s return policy guidance and offer some clarification regarding the procedure.

Regardless of whether a consumer has a receipt or not, GameStop has the right to restrict or reject returns or exchanges.

A receipt or order number is needed for all returns. Refunds for misplaced items may need replenishment if GameStop is able to confirm delivery or repeated misuse.

Either a replacement item will be sent by GameStop, or the original form of payment will be refunded together with any applicable taxes or fees.

You can start the mail-in return procedure from the GameStop website, and returns are free.

How to Return an Item to GameStop by Mail?

You can start the GameStop Online Return by making a shipping label and following the instructions, even if you can return the majority of things to a GameStop store or by contacting their customer support.

Either your GameStop order number or your in-store receipt is required.

Can I Return the Opened Merchandise to GameStop?

Regarding returning opened products, GameStop’s return policy is governed by the following guidelines. Recall that every exchange or return requires a receipt.

  • Within 30 days of purchase, new, unopened products are eligible for a complete refund. The one exception to this is tablets.
  • Within 30 days of purchase, things that are new and have been opened may be exchanged for the identical item.
  • Within 30 days of purchase, any new accessories—opened or unopened—are eligible for a complete refund.
  • Games can be exchanged for an identical game within 30 days after purchase (shrink wrap removed).

What are the GameStop Return Exceptions?

Due to the large selection of games and electronics that GameStop carries, there will always be some deviations from the standard return policy.

For instance, gift cards, POSA, and digital items cannot be returned. Furthermore, products that include trading cards and trading cards themselves are excluded.

There can be additional return policies for the sale or unique promotional items. It should be noted that DLC (downloadable content), which includes features from video games bought through GameStop transactions, is not returnable.

Last but not least, items worth more than $500.00 that were ordered online and shipped from GameStop are not eligible for returns in-store. To find out more, use this link to contact GameStop.

How Can I Return Items to GameStop without a Receipt?

Any returns or exchanges without a legitimate purchase receipt or an online order number are prohibited by the GameStop Return Policy.

They might also ask you to present a legitimate ID. Furthermore, as GameStop also sells used goods, they could ask for a current photo ID and proof of address for every trade-in.

How Can I Return a Gift to a GameStop Store?

How Can I Return a Gift to a GameStop Store?

If you want to return a gift, you must have the gift receipt with you in order for GameStop to accept your return.

Furthermore, returning an item with a gift receipt will only result in an exchange or in-store credit.

Can I Return the Electronics to GameStop for a Refund?

Generally, you can return all devices, such as phones, computers, gaming hardware, and tablets, as long as they are unopened.

Smartwatches, monitors, security systems, and wireless routers are also included in this category and should be returned in their original packing.

How Do I Return Defective Items to GameStop?

Within the 30-day return policy, GameStop will accept defective products for a full refund or replacement. However, there are certain exceptions to this rule: laptops, desktops, monitors, and PC components.

You must contact the product manufacturer for these goods. GameStop Support can provide you with their contact information; call 1-800-883-8895.

How Does the GameStop Product Replacement Plan Work?

If you purchased a product from GameStop that included the PRP option, you have 12 months to return the unabused defective item for a quick exchange.

Because GameStop does not service or repair items, you will be given a replacement. Furthermore, the PRP exchange may only occur once during the specified time period.

Can I Cancel a GameStop Order?

If the card payment transaction is still in progress, GameStop will allow you to cancel an online order.

Furthermore, if you are unable to cancel your order online, you may cancel it by phone, email, or in person at a GameStop store.

If they allow you to cancel the order after the transaction has been completed, a refund may take up to 5 working days.

How Do I Return a Used Game to GameStop?

GameStop authorizes the return of all pre-owned items for a full refund within 7 days of purchase or exchange for the same product within 30 days of purchase.

How Long will it Take GameStop to Refund Me?

Typically, the refund process takes about five business days until you receive the funds in your bank account.

The processing time is the same whether you utilize the mail or in-store return alternatives.


GameStop makes an effort to create a simple and user-friendly return process. products purchased in-store or by mail can be returned within 30 days of purchase, and pre-owned products can be returned within 7 days. Furthermore, if you utilize GameStop’s shipping label, the return process is free.

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