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How Much is Costco Pizza? Pizza Menu and Pricing Options

Costco Pizza has been known as one of the best-tasting pizzas around the world. If you are interested in knowing how much Costco pizza is and more about Costco pizza? Then, this post page will provide you with all the information you need.

How Much is Costco Pizza

If you visit Costco and you don’t look at their pizza, you are losing out on something important that you will never recover from.

Also, Costco offers a variety of delicious and cheap, healthy food options. And one of their healthy food is Costco pizza.

Costco Pizza

Costco Pizza

One of the most well-known and favored things available at Costco is likely pizza. 

Interestingly, many people are astonished to learn that you can purchase complete pizzas from Costco exactly as you would from many of the well-known pizzeria companies.

Although most people are familiar with the Costco take-and-bake pizza available at the Costco food court, there are actually four distinct ways to try Costco pizzeria.

In addition, the company doesn’t skimp on toppings, and you can be sure that each slice you get will be laden with everything you want, making their pizzeria exceptional.

Interestingly, the snacks always have the same sauce, cheese, and toppings because Costco measures everything to a standard.

Cost of Pizza at Costco

The first place that comes to mind while searching for the cheapest pizzeria in town is probably Costco. 

Interestingly, the cost of a pizzeria pie at Costco’s 700+ locations around the world is $9.95 all year long. That is the cost of two Starbucks lattes!

However, the huge pizzas are then divided into 12 slices, each of which costs $1.99. Going for the pie rather than the slice will save you almost $14 if you take the economies of scale into account.

How Big is Costco Pizza?

The pizza is 16 to 18 inches wide and baked by the company. Compared to other eateries, the pizzeria has some of the largest pizzas.

Also, instead of offering tiny pizzas, they let you order as many slices as you’d like. There are 12 slices on each 18 pie.

In addition, they then divided the huge pizzas into 12 slices, each of which cost $1.99. Going for the pie rather than the slice will save you almost $14 if you take the economies of scale into account.

Costco Pizza Flavors

The company has a variety of flavors available. These flavors include:

1. The Combo Pizza

The Combo Pizza

The Combo primarily includes vegetables and meats. Cheese, meat, and vegetables are in combination pizzas. Also, it is only a synthesis of the components found in the pepperoni and cheese variants.

Interestingly, about 15% of vitamin A, 25% calcium, and 15% vitamin A are present in each slice of the Costco combination.

Also, it has 680 calories, 4g of fiber, 8g of sugar, 72g of carbohydrates, 36g of protein, 65mg of cholesterol, and 29g of fat. 

2. Cheese Pizza

Cheese Pizza

Of all the Costco munchies, the cheese pizza may be the most well-liked. Also, they don’t use processed cheese; all the cheese is fresh.

Interestingly, each slice contains 3g of dietary fiber, 70g of carbohydrates, 1,370mg of sodium, 7g of sugar, 14g of saturated fat, 44g of protein, and 700 calories. 

In addition, you’ll receive 20% iron, 80% calcium, and 15% vitamin A.

3. Pepperoni Pizza


Costco pizzas come with 60 pieces of pepperoni. Pizza with pepperoni has ten percent vitamin A, fifty percent calcium, and twenty percent iron as some of its nutritious ingredients. 

Also, the slice comprises 720 calories, 6g of sugar, 11g of saturated fat, 34g of protein, 1290mg of sodium, 68g of carbohydrates, and 6g of carbs.

4. Custom Pizza

Custom Pizza

Most Costco restaurants allow you to order a pizza with the ingredients of your choice. Interestingly, to prepare yours would take ten to fifteen minutes.

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Costco sells wonderful pizza at an affordable price, and everyone has different sizes of pizza at an affordable price.

You can pick up your pizza at a Costco location. Whenever you are slicing the pizza, make sure you use a large serrated knife or a pizza cutter and get it warm with your oven or microwave before serving it to your friends and family for a fantastic meal.

With Costco pizza, you can always expect a fantastic bargain and an incredible taste.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Much are Costco’s Large pizzas?

A 16–18-inch Costco pizza has a price tag of $9.95. Also, each of the pizza’s 12 slices costs $1.99.

2. How Many Slices Are in an 18-inch Costco pizza?

Interestingly, there are precisely 12 slices on a Costco pizza that is 18 inches in diameter, and there is no shortage of cheese on those jumbo-sized slices.

3. What Types of Snacks Does Costco Have

Pizza comes in three varieties: pepperoni, cheese, or “combo,” which is effectively a supreme pizza. Also, the procedure is really fast whether you purchase it by the pie or by the slice.

4. Can I Order Costco Pizza Ahead of Time

Sadly, Costco does not have online pizza ordering. However, call an order in ahead of time for pickup.

5. How Good is Costco Pizza?

Pizza from Costco is an uncommon experience. Interestingly, every delectable slice is flawlessly browned cheese and the flaky crust will be a well-earned pleasure by the time you reach your destination.

6. Can I buy a Pizzeria Without a Membership

If you’re staying around the company with an outdoor food court, just walk up and purchase a pizza. Also, for Costco locations with indoor food courts, speak to the greeter and ask to look around. They’ll let you in without being a member.

7. Can you get a 1-Day Pass for Costco?

Unfortunately, the business does not provide a one-day membership option. Also, you must purchase a membership if you want to shop at Costco. However, to test out the business, you may use the membership of someone else, though.

8. How Long Does Pizzeria Take?

Interestingly, a pizza box comes with four individually wrapped frozen cheese pizzas that can just simply unwrap and bake on your oven rack for about 10 to 12 minutes at 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

9. How do I Get a Free Costco Membership?

There are several ways of getting a free Costco membership. This includes: Using a Costco shop card. Also, shop with a Costco member. By placing an Instacart Order. Also by shopping online at Lastly, get a Costco shop card when you sign up

10. Can I Use my Mom’s Costco Card Without Her?

With a Costco gift card, anyone can shop there even if they don’t have a membership. Therefore, you don’t use another person’s Costco card directly; instead, they use their card to buy you a gift card, which you can use to shop at the company.

11. Does Costco Offer an AAA Discount?

Yes. Interestingly, AAA students receive discounts based on their GPA. Also, any high school or full-time student can get up to 14% off. 

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