Kroger's Pay Rate

Kroger’s Pay Rate (Kroger Hourly Salaries)

How much is Kroger’s pay rate? This is one question a lot of individuals have been asking as Kroger is one of the largest grocery stores in the State and in this article is a discussion of Krogers pay rate.

Kroger's Pay Rate

With more than 2,800 locations spread across 35 states, Kroger is one of the largest grocery store companies in the country.

The national average pay for a grocery store employee, according to ZipRecruiter, is roughly $17.00 per hour.

Wages are a crucial consideration when thinking about working for any firm.

We analyze the typical pay at Kroger’s stores in this article using national averages for supermarket retailers.

How Much Does Kroger Pay?

A report from a Kroger salesperson in 2022 states that the typical hourly wage for a Kroger employee is $16.00.

This salary, which is roughly $31,200 per year, is slightly less than the national average for grocery shop employees.

Depending on their position, managers can make anywhere from $50,000 to $200,000.

Pay can vary from person to person and be influenced by a wide range of variables.

However salary is determined by location, years of service, and the position held on the team.

They will break the elements that affect salary at Kroger down in this post with these considerations in mind.

Kroger Pay by Position

Kroger's Pay Rate

There are many crucial positions that must be filled for a Kroger store to perform successfully.

The wage range for the employee might range from $10.00 per hour to high six-figure wages, depending on the level of responsibilities.

We break down some of the most popular roles and their pay structures in this section.

The average yearly salary for 40-hour per week Kroger employees is displayed in the table below.

Job Title Type of Wages Average Yearly Wages Average Yearly Bonus
Cashier Hourly $21,450 N/A
Courtesy Clerk (Bagger) Hourly $20,800 N/A
Assistant Manager Salary $59,891 $5,700
Store Manager Salary $76,458 $22,684
Meat Cutter Salary $32,893 N/A

Data from Glassdoor

Looking at this information, we can see that average salaries might vary widely depending on the job.

The higher paying jobs are typically those that call for specialized abilities or a high level of responsibility.

For instance, a meat cutter earns more than a bagger or cashier because it calls for a comparable level of competence.

They paid accordingly managers because they are in charge of the score’s success.

To recognize outstanding achievement, managers are even eligible for bonuses. The Chief Operating Officer of Kroger earns the most money.

Kroger’s Highest Paying Position

Most Korger’s highest-paid workers are often at the Cincinnati-based corporate office rather than one of the company’s many retail locations across the nation.

The highest-paid Kroger employees are those on the executive team, including the vice president and chief operating officer.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that the Kroger CEO’s total salary for 2020 was $20.6 million.

Besides their salaries, they received bonuses, equity, and stock as part of their pay.

They provided similar remuneration packages for other executive jobs, with salaries reportedly starting in the mid $200,000.

For instance, the annual salary for the Chief Operating Officer ranges from $269,654 to $295,055.

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Kroger Pay by State

Kroger does not have a company-wide minimum wage, in contrast to certain other retailers.

As a result, it makes sense to assume that there will be significant salary differences between states.

They highlight some of these discrepancies in this section.

They displayed the hourly rate for a Kroger cashier in various cities across the US in the table below.

The chart also includes the minimum wage as a sign of the general cost of living there.

Location Hourly Wage Minimum Wage by State
Seattle, WA $20 $13.69
Ann Arbor, MI $12 $9.87
Atlanta, GA $10 $7.25
Chicago, IL $10 $9.25

Data from Glassdoor

The chart shows that regions with high costs of living typically have an overall average income that is higher for entry-level jobs like cashier.

How often a corporation pays its employees is a further frequently asked subject. They cover this in the section after this.

How Often Do Kroger Employees Get Paid?

Kroger's Pay Rate

Unlike other businesses that pay biweekly, they paid most Kroger employees every week.

Every location has a different pay schedule, but mostly, Kroger pays its staff on a weekly basis.

Paying employees every other week is the norm across the United States.

For instance, Target and Walmart both pay their staff members every two weeks.

A biweekly pay plan minimizes administrative costs and payroll errors.

However, workers frequently value receiving weekly paychecks and having quick access to cash.

We continue our investigation of Kroger’s pay structure in the following section by looking at which employees are qualified for bonuses. Continue reading to learn more.

Do Kroger Employees Get a Bonus?

Every level of employee at Kroger receives bonuses.

The typical annual bonus payment is between $4,000.

Cashiers in entry-level positions may receive small bonuses of $200, while shop managers may receive substantial bonuses of up to $20,000.

Bonuses are a significant component of pay for top performers, especially in a corporation experiencing a successful fiscal year.

Bonuses are a terrific way to enhance your regular salary even though they are not always guaranteed.

These bonuses may represent a sizeable chunk of a top employee’s total remuneration.

Benefits are a significant component of pay as well, so continue reading to discover more about Kroger’s benefits program.

What Benefits Do Kroger Employees Get?

Kroger provides A full range of perks, from financial to health and fitness.

We outline the most significant perks provided to Kroger employees in this section.

1. 401(k) and pension plans

2. Health Insurance

3. Dental Insurance

4. Free flu shots

5. Well-child visits

6. Store Discounts

7. Free counseling

8. Education Tuition Reimbursement

Whether you require long-term financial stability, career advancement chances, or health insurance, Kroger’s benefits cover all of these significant areas.

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How Much Does Kroger Pay in 2022?

Overall, Kroger pays about $16 per hour, which is just under the national industry average.

Managers and high-level workers have the chance to earn competitive salary, bonuses, and stock.

They pay weekly Kroger employees and have access to a wide range of perks. Overall, Kroger gives employees the chance to advance in their careers starting at the entry level.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Much Does Kroger Pay Overnight stockers?

An overnight stocker at Kroger can expect to make $15 per hour in total compensation.

In our proprietary Total Pay Estimate model, which is based on wages gathered from our customers, this value shows the median, which is the middle of the ranges.

They anticipated the base wage to be $15 per hour.

2. Is Kroger a Good Company to Work For? Why or Why Not?

I enjoy Kroger’s workplace environment.

When compared to other jobs I’ve had, it is pretty laid back. With this work, the money and hours are reliable.

So far, it’s a fantastic organization to work for, with bonuses and scholarships available.

3. How is Working at Publix Different Than Kroger?

The highest ratings for pay and benefits go to Publix, while the highest ratings for culture go to Kroger.

4. What is it Like to Work at Kroger Clicklist?

They are quite unreliable, so I would accept this job more than a means of earning extra money than to support myself.

You won’t get the hours you want unless you’re prepared to stay up late, arrive early, and generally give them control of your life.

5. Does Target Treat its Employees Better than Kroger?

True, Target treats most its employees better than Kroger.

6. Why Does Kroger Allow its Employees to Have a Union?

UFCW, the grocery workers’ union, represents 835,000 grocery store employees at significant businesses across the US.

Together, we will fight for the higher pay and benefits that the hard-working Kroger employees deserve.

7. Should I Leave Kroger and Join Publix?

If you work for Kroger as an asm, they will promote you within a year to department manager at the very least.

Publix offers better wages and benefits.

8. Can a 15 Year Old Work at Kroger?

If you can show that you have experience working in a high school setting, you can still work at Kroger even if you are 15 years old.

Kroger and its affiliates provide part-time employment to youngsters looking for work.

You can bag goods and work three hours per day if you have a work permit.

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