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Publix Coin Machine (Does Publix Have Coinstar?)

Publix Coin Machine provide the service of changing coins into bills for Publix customers. If you are interested to know more about Publix Coin Machine and if it has Coinstar, then this artcles is for you.

Publix Coin Machine

Similar to Coinstar, Publix offers coin counting devices in adjacent locations where coins can be exchanged in a variety of ways. 

Also, in the past, it was customary to save coins in piggy banks and then give them to the owner of the local store for goods or paper money. 

In addition, the coin machine at Publix is identical as well. But it is a contemporary strategy. In the USA, you could typically see these Publix coin machines outside different supermarkets.

Despite not having Coinstar devices, Publix has its own coin-counting machines. Also, the Publix coin counters were typically in front of several shops. 

However, various stores may use different currency rates. It is usually advisable to check the Publix coin counting machine’s availability, functionality, and conversion rate before using it for the best outcome.

Nearly 20,000 Publix coin counting machines were accessible in several locations. 

Interestingly, there were several dedicated public supermarkets present, and each of them had a coin counter outside of it. Locating the closest Publix coin counter is fairly simple.


Publix Coin Machine Locations

If you are searching for places near you to change bills to coins, here are some of the Publix Coin Machine Locations.

1. QuikTrip


QuikTrip is a convenience store and petrol station that gives help with cashing your coins.

However, keep in mind that their services aren’t always free.

In order to help get coins back on the market during the national coin shortage, many establishments offered to cash coins for free.

In addition, some establishments have resumed collecting a small fee for cashing in coins now that the shortage is not as severe as it once was.

One establishment offering free cash exchanges for coins was QuikTrip.

You’ll need to inquire with your nearby QuikTrip location to find out whether they have changed back.

The amazing thing about QuikTrip is how widely distributed its locations are across the nation.

2. Bank Of America

Bank Of America

Bank of America is another location where you can get coin exchange.

Bank of America has locations practically everywhere, which is fantastic.

You can still go to the bank and ask them to cash your coins even if you don’t have an account with them.

However, you can’t go to the bank with a bag of coins and ask them to count them all.

You must first organise your coins into coin rolls per Bank of America’s instructions.

This makes it simpler to calculate how much money you have and give the right amount.

You can do this by yourself or invest in a coin sorter that will automatically roll your coins for you.

3. Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo

You might have a Wells Fargo bank if there isn’t a Bank of America nearby.

To cash your coins at Wells Fargo, you must be a bank customer.

Despite this, they will provide the service at no cost.

They also demand that you place your coins in coin rolls before bringing them to them, just like Bank of America does.

Simply ask the teller to exchange your coin rolls for cash when you arrive with them.

They will count the money and then give you the correct amount.

Since you must use Wells Fargo as a customer, it’s important to review the deals for which you are eligible.

In the end, you’ll have some extra money that you can start investing with.

You can open a brokerage account with Wells Fargo through them, giving you total control over your investments.

4. Kroger


Kroger is another location where Coinstar machines or Publix coin machines occasionally be found.

The grocery chain Kroger is well-known and widespread across the country.

Although not all of them do, several of them have Coinstar machines.

This enables you to buy some groceries using the fresh cash you received from the machine.

The Coinstar machines at Kroger will cost you money, just like all other Coinstar machines do.

The grocery store makes it simple to cash your coins and then use your cash at their establishment.

5. Meijer


If you live in the Midwest, there are probably Meijer supermarkets nearby that have Publix coin machines.

Meijer is a one-stop shop with a focus on basic products and fresh food.

Even seasonal items, apparel, and electronics can be found in these shops.

Coinstar machines are available in many Meijer stores.

For a price, you can utilise those machines to convert your coins to cash.

You can shop at Meijer once you have your money.

The business occasionally offers additional services, such as tax preparation from H&R Block.

With the additional funds you have on hand, you can immediately seek investment guidance.

6. Walmart


You probably have a Walmart nearby if you don’t have access to any of the pharmacies or grocery stores mentioned above.

Walmart did a fantastic job of branching out into every state.

In actuality, a Walmart shop is usually always only a few miles away. Interestingly, they have a Publix coin machine.

This is perfect because many Walmart locations also have Coinstar machines.

Cash your coins at the machine, then go shopping at Walmart.

Walmart has a MoneyCenter that provides other financial services.

They can give you the power you need to purchase a money order, send money to someone, or do something else.


Frequently Asked Questions 

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1. Does Publix have a Coin Exchange Machine?

Yes, they do. Also, you can get a coin through their Publix self-service coin counting machines. In addition, they provide clients with the same service.

Interestingly, these coin counting machines may be found near the store entry in most Publix locations, according to the company’s customer service division.

2. Where can I Cash in Coins for Free?

You can cash in coins for free at QuikTrip, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, US Bank, CVS, Kroger and others.

3. Is Walmart Coinstar Free?

Yes, they do. In addition, most Walmart locations across the country offer access to a Coinstar machine. Also, these machines are easy to use but charge a fee for use.

4. Does CVS have a Coin Machine?

This summer, CVS/pharmacy will start letting consumers use the Coinstar Center kiosks that are set up in its locations to turn their coins into CVS cards.

In addition, customers can use the Coin to Card service to exchange their spare change for a CVS card at the Coinstar kiosk without having to pay for coin counting.

5. Who has Free Coin Counting Machines?

Few companies have free coin machines. They are Meijer, Walmart, WinCo, Target, Safeway and others.

6. How do I Avoid Coinstar Fees?

The processing charge for Coinstar is 11.9 per cent. You must select a Coinstar eGift card as opposed to cash to avoid paying the transaction fee.

Also, review the list of participating restaurants and shops before selecting the gift card choice.

7. How much does Coinstar Take Out of $100?

Currently, Coinstar charges 11.9 per cent of the value of the coins you’re trading as its fee. For every $100 in coins you insert into the machine, you’ll pay almost $12.

8. Can I Bring Coins to the Bank?

Some coin-counting machines take loose coins, while others only accept rolled coins. In most cases, loose coins are preferred if they have a machine.

9. Are Coinstar Machines Worth it?

Sometimes, they are worth it. However, you will lose around $12 for every $100 you deposit into a Coinstar machine.

Also, just for counting coins, that fee is incredibly exorbitant! Coinstar can get away with charging these hefty fees since they are essentially the only coin-counting business in existence.

10. Why does Coinstar Reject Coins?

Coinstar may reject coins owing to equipment malfunction, damage, or both. Most people have discovered lint, plastic, and rejected nails in the Coinstar reject bin beside coins.

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