Rite Aid Money Order – Bill Payments and Transactions

You may need a money order for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you need to pay your rent or a utility bill, or you want to send money to someone else safely. Consider Rite Aid Money Order, which provides this service.

Rite Aid Money Order - Bill Payments and Transactions

The next time you make a purchase, there instead. Is MoneyGram available at Rite Aid? Is Western Union available at Rite Aid?

Rite Aid offers money orders through Western Union. Rite Aid Western Union hours are the same as store hours because money orders are available throughout store hours.

Do They Provide Money Orders at Rite Aid?

Yes, Western Union money orders are available at Rite Aid. All-Rite Aid shops provide money order purchases throughout regular business hours.

To purchase one, merely stop by the customer service counter. A Rite Aid money order costs $0.99 and has a maximum order value of $500.

They limit payment methods to debit and credit cards only. Rite Aid only accepts cash to avoid fraud when purchasing a money order.

How Do You Track a Rite Aid Money Order?

Unlike personal checks, money orders are usually bought with cash and are not connected to your bank account.

Therefore, if you pay in cash, following a money order in your account’s transaction history is difficult.

Although Rite Aid is the issuer, you can trace money order transactions by sending them a request or contacting them at 1-800-999-9660.

Or completing a form on the Western Union website. However, you must pay administrative costs of up to $15.

What is the Cost of a Rite Aid Money Order?

What is the Cost of a Rite Aid Money Order?

Every money order from Rite Aid costs $0.90. There is a cap of $500 for each, though.

We may order up to six money orders each day at a charge of 90 cents each.

Suppose you need $2,000 for used furniture or gadgets on websites like Craigslist. You must purchase four Rite Aid money orders for 90 cents each.

A Rite Aid money order costs more than those from surrounding shops that sell money orders.

For instance, a money order from Kroger or 711 only costs 69 or 65 cents, respectively.


What is the Limit for Rite Aid Money Orders?

The maximum amount for a single Rite Aid money order is $500. at the same time, the maximum amount for several orders is $2,999.

The only option to purchase more money orders than Rite Aid’s $500 cap is to do so separately.

Each money order you buy can’t be for more than $500. and you can only buy six of them each day. Fees for six orders would be $5.60.

You will need to carry out many transactions. If you need to buy over six money orders or if the order you need to get costs more than $500.

Fewer possibilities are available if you’re looking for a place to cash a money order.

The best course of action is to deposit the money order into your personal bank account. Let it clear, and then take the money out.

Again, your own bank is your best bet if you wish to cash a money order. But there are other locations where you can cash a money order.

Rite Aid accepts money orders via Western Union for up to $500 at the customer service counter. You must provide identification and cash to pay for the money order and the 90-cent charge.

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