How Much Does a Shipping Container Cost

How Much Does a Shipping Container Cost? (Container Shipping Rates)

How much does a shipping container cost? A variety of factors influence the cost of a shipping container. Such as location, size of a container, container condition, and cost of delivery.

How Much Does a Shipping Container Cost?

How Much Does a Shipping Container Cost

A brand-new 20-foot container costs US $2,751 and a brand-new 40-foot container costs US $4,208.

The average price for a brand-new 40-foot high-cube container in the US is $5,318.

A 20-foot reefer container may be purchased for $12,835 in the US.

The 40-foot option typically costs $18,819 in the US. It costs US $4,013, a typical 20-foot open-top container.

However, some of your available factors determine your pricing options.

Factors that influence the cost of Containers Shipping Rates

How Much Does a Shipping Container Cost

1. The Condition of a Container 

Whether you decide to purchase a brand-new or cargo-worthy box can affect the cost of your shipping container.

New boxes are typically rather expensive. However, old boxes can be purchased for quite an affordable price.

For storing, used containers are extremely helpful.

2. The Size of a Container 

Obviously, the box’s size also affects the cost. In general, the price of a container rises as the box gets bigger.

However, a 40-foot box only costs roughly 20–30% more than a 20-foot box. Therefore, it should go without saying that a 40-foot container will offer better value for your money.

3. Geographical Location of a Container

Depending on availability and demand, the price of containers fluctuates in particular areas.

The cost of containers can vary significantly depending on the local steel price and the state of the economy.

Consider whether the area you are searching for is landlocked as well. Transit expenses are higher in landlocked places without easy access to the sea.

4. The Delivery Cost of a Container

It’s crucial to choose the correct supplier because shipping charges might add up to more than the price of the container itself!

Prices vary according to delivery time, the number of containers, and distance.

The delivery costs increase in direct proportion to the distance from your location to the container.

Decide where you want your containers to come from carefully.

5. Modifications and Customization of the Container

You will pay more if you add other features like a skylight, windows, a locking system, doors, ventilation, insulation, etc.

The cost will increase in direct proportion to the number of revisions you request.

6. Quantities of a Container

Many shipping container firms will frequently give a bulk discount rate. If you are purchasing multiple containers, lower the cost per unit.


Are Shipping Containers Waterproof?

Shipping containers are mostly used to move cargo across the ocean. The majority of this work is done on the decks of big ships.

Heavy-duty rubber door seals are installed in containers to prevent water and wind from entering because the decks of the ships are outside.

Therefore, shipping containers are indeed waterproof. Before being sold or rented out, shipping containers have been converted for use as personal or commercial storage.

It must be examined and fixed to make sure the watertight seal hasn’t been compromised.

A used container with a broken seal may be cheaper to buy or rent. but it may no longer be waterproof and watertight.

Can You Construct Your Own Shipping Container Home?


Have you ever worked as a home builder? Then possibly. If not, it might not be possible without the advice and help of a business developer and architect.

Depending on how much of the work you completed yourself and how much you paid the builders, the cost will logically decrease.

Finding a competent and experienced architect and builder to consult with, if not to finish it all, is the best piece of advice. When it comes to using containers to construct a house.

Hopefully, we have answered your queries and that this content (how much does a shipping container cost) has been educational.

And you understand that a lot of variables can influence the prices of containers.

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