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When is Uber Cheapest? Ride Prices and Rates

Your car is in the shop, but you make use of it. Or perhaps you need a safe ride home after a few beers. Perhaps you’re considering the increasingly popular option of using ride-sharing services rather than purchasing a car.

Your time is valuable, whether you need a lift to the office or the airport or grab coffee with a buddy. The table below shows the lowest fare for weekdays and weekends if you’re seeking the ideal time to take an Uber journey.

Uber is most affordable in the morning from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm, in the afternoon from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm, and at night after 6:00 pm, excluding Friday nights. 

How to Get Cheapest Fare on Uber

When is Uber cheapest

Many are curious about where or how to find the best Uber fare. You’ll be shocked to learn that there are other approaches, which we’ll discuss in this section. Here are a few methods for obtaining the best Uber prices. 

So, you must be wondering when Uber is the cheapest. It will interest you to note that many individuals head to a social event after work on Friday evenings, so the demand is higher.

Weekends are typically when Uber fares are lowest and price increases are most likely. Later in this post, we’ll examine this in more detail.

Before 9:00 amExpensiveExpensiveVaries
After 6:00pmCheapExpensiveVaries

Be Flexible with Your Time

You are in a better position if you have any leeway. Suppose you require transportation to the airport at a peak hour of the day. 

Rush hour in the morning and evening is particularly crowded. You’ve calculated in your itinerary that you should be at the terminal thirty minutes early to make it to your flight.

It would involve taking some time off if you left earlier than desired. You would be left to wander through an airport terminal, attempting to find something to amuse yourself. 

However, it might also be the difference between paying the standard fee and spending three times as much. It can imply that you have more time to be prepared.

Review your job schedule again, give someone a call, or read the news in your community, depending on how you frame it. Being flexible with your schedule is a wonderful way to cut costs when employing a car service. 

You can save a significant amount of money if you can avoid the busy hours as demand is higher during those periods! 

We’re not done yet, though. It’s okay if you can’t change your timing. There exist many methods to obtain the most affordable fare on Uber.

Be Flexible with Your Ride

Your ride alternatives come in varying degrees of luxury, size, and accommodations; however, they vary by city. And beware—prices increase in line with that. 

For instance, you should budget extra money to utilize Uber Comfort to get home safely from a recent party in a spacious new Cadillac rather than UberX.

Uber’s Lowest Ride Choice:

  • UberX = Cheapest
  • UberXL
  • UberSELECT
  • UberBLACK = Most Expensive

That is, agreeing to a ride with a driver in a Toyota Camry that is almost too small for one person. 

Based on the description of their levels of transportation options on, the UberX car will most likely still be less than ten years old. Nevertheless, there can be a specific look and degree of comfort that you are unwilling to give up.

Be Flexible with your Plans and Expectations

It can be more expensive than you had anticipated if five or more individuals wish to ride together and split the ticket price.

UberXL is more expensive than the other transportation alternatives, which explains why. You may save a significant amount of money if you can divide the group into two different UberX rides.

Therefore, be accommodating regarding who you expect to ride with you. It is a win-win scenario as long as everyone gets to the same destination and saves money.

Why Do Uber’s Prices Increase?

Uber is quite pricey at times due to Surge Prices. This happens when demand exceeds supply, implying more passengers than available drivers.

Surges will be more noticeable on weekday mornings before noon and on weekend evenings, especially when bars close.

Holidays are not typically the cause of price increases, but rates are generally higher than non-holidays because there are more riders than drivers on holidays.

Think Outside the Box to Avoid Surges

Surge pricing can be avoided by selecting the Uber Select ride option, which may seem contradictory.

This is because most users are selecting UberX at the same moment you are. As a result of the strong demand, riders face a surge in pricing—a 2-3X surge.

As a result, by selecting Uber Select, you can treat yourself to a nicer trip, avoid a price increase, and still get to your destination quickly. 

And maybe you’ll fall in love with that new luxury car with the leather upholstery and Bose sound system and never want to drive anything else again.

You may cringe at the prospect of sharing a car with a stranger who isn’t the driver. No, you never considered using UberPOOL because it is easier to spend more money and go directly to your destination without the added unpleasantness of talking with a complete stranger with whom you must divide a fare.

However, if you encounter a surge and wish to avoid an exorbitant price due to your ride request’s busy time, try using UberPOOL. 

You will be able to split the fare with someone who is traveling in the same direction as you. You will also have the opportunity to meet new people!

Which Uber is the Cheapest?

If you’re seeking the lowest ride option for you and 1-3 other riders, the most basic option is UberX. You can make more stops along the road and expect to travel in a basic car that is less than ten years old.

However, this is not the cheapest alternative if you are a single individual with some flexibility in your schedule and place. 

If your primary goal is to save money and you are ready to walk a little bit and ride with a few “new friends” along the way, you should look into some much cheaper options.

Uber has recently unveiled an all-new ride option in the United States, with Comfort and Select selections topping the menu as the most expensive ride options. Uber Express Pool is a more inexpensive version of their existing UberPOOL service.

It’s quite similar to taking the bus! Yes, you read that correctly—public transportation. Instead of a giant, well-lit bus with dozens of stops, you’re strapped into the back seat of a car with someone you’ve never met. 

Here’s how it works: each rider must wait with their fellow riders in a specific spot.

Instead of being left off at a specific location—say, the restaurant where you’re meeting your parents or a friend’s house—you will be brought to a pre-arranged region that is convenient for each rider’s destination.

If you don’t mind walking, you’ve just discovered Uber’s most affordable choice! Check their website to see whether it is now available in your city.

Uber Ride TypeApproximate Ride Cost (4 miles / 15 minutes )
Uber Pool$8-$11
Uber X$9-$12
Uber Comfort$12-$15
Uber XL$15-$20
Uber Select$25-$30
Uber Black$30-$40
Uber Black SUV$42-$54

Here is an example of the cost of a 10-mile, 20-minute Uber X ride by city:

Los Angeles$16.00
Orange County$16.00

Is Uber Cheaper on Weekends?

On weekends, Uber fares are typically lower than on weekdays. However, Saturdays and Sundays are two of the most well-known weekend pricing increases.

When the bars and clubs close for the night, there will be fewer drivers than the number of customers wanting transportation.

This means you could see a price increase in as short as a few minutes or as long as a few hours.

You can either wait it out and see whether it’s cheaper to take Uber Select or Comfort services, or you can take a ride you wouldn’t ordinarily take.

In any event, Uber will not be less expensive on weekends. However, there may be more possibilities early on weekend mornings when fewer people request transportation.

You may notice that UberX drivers are out in force seeking fares when the night before, you had to pay significantly more than usual because there were none in range.

How to Get an Uber 50% Off Promo Code

When is uber cheapest

Obtaining a 50% discount coupon for your first three Uber rides is surprisingly simple. In this circumstance, the corporation has little to lose because many users only use Uber because they have a coupon code. They become addicted and become frequent Uber users! 

Type “50% off Uber” into your internet search engine, and the first link will be for the current month and year.

This will most likely have the most recent, genuine promo code. In many circumstances, the promo code will be available exclusively through the Uber app.

So be sure you first download it. Check to see if the code is legal in your location before attempting to use it. Here are a few more links to other cheap promo codes!

  • offers $4-$7 off your first several Uber trips!
  • offers a $2.50-$5 discount and more.
  • Search for Uber on and get $6 off for first-time riders.

You might be new to ride services in general. Or perhaps you’ve been using Uber for years but are always looking for fantastic prices and promotions. 

What’s the Difference Between Uber and UberX?

You’ll hear phrases like UberX, Uber Comfort, and Uber Select. What is the distinction between Uber and UberX, you may wonder?

There is no distinction between UberX and Uber; UberX is simply a lower level of service that Uber provides. Uber provides several service-level options.

Can You Pay Uber With Cash?

You can pay in cash, yes. Before requesting a ride, navigate to the app’s Payment section and pick Cash. Pay your driver in cash at the end of your journey.

Final Words

Because Uber’s price systems differ by city and are subject to change, it’s best to stay up to date via the app for real-time estimations and promos. 

You can navigate the world of Uber rates for smoother and more cost-effective travel by aligning your ride plans with these principles.

Remember that a little forethought can go a long way toward ensuring you get the most out of your rideshare experience.

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