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Who Will Pick Up Old Appliances for Free? 10 Junk Removal Service

You’ve chosen to purchase a new appliance. Exciting! Yet, the question of ‘who will pick up old appliances for free?’ still bothers you.

Considering the models and amenities available on the market nowadays, shopping for a new refrigerator or stove may be a really enjoyable process. 

But what about your previous one? Whether it’s broken or simply beyond its prime and ready to be replaced, it’s critical to plan your disposal ahead of time to guarantee a smooth transition.

The good news is that there are numerous free local junk removal firms available to assist with the task.

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about free appliance pickup, professional disposal, and other choices for getting rid of an old refrigerator or oven.

Free Appliance Pick up

Who Will Pick Up Old Appliances for Free?

They can pick up items from your home, or you can drop off donations at one of the nearest thrift stores. With these companies, it is easy to let go of old appliances.

While some vendors will offer to remove your old appliance when they deliver your new one, this is not always the case.

If you’re out of options, know that there are many charities and locations to donate old appliances if they’re still in functioning order. 

You might even get lucky and discover a local club that provides free old appliance removal directly from your home.

The following is a list of national organizations that will pick up donations for free:

1. RAD Partner Programs

To properly dispose of obsolete appliances, RAD is a voluntary cooperation initiative that works with merchants, manufacturers, and utility companies, as well as state and local government authorities. 

It supports environmental behaviors that go above and above statutory standards to maintain the Earth’s climate and ozone layer.

It also provides a more responsible alternative to leaving free-used appliances on the side of the road.

Most RAD partner programs provide free removal of outdated items such as refrigerators, freezers, small window air conditioners, and house dehumidifier systems.

It’s worth checking with your local entity to see if your item is eligible.

2. The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army has a long history of providing communities with affordable donated commodities.

If you have an appliance that is still in good working order and safe to use, they may provide a free appliance haul away in return for the item. 

Again, it’s critical to check ahead of time to ensure that they can handle whatever you’re giving out. In most cases, however, the Salvation Army can pick up everything from refrigerators to washing machines.

To acquire information about your local donation facility, go to their website and input your zip code in the “schedule a pick-up” box.

At certain sites, the Salvation Army accepts free-used appliances such as washing machines, dryers, heaters, microwaves, refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, stoves, and dishwashers.

These items must be in good functioning order in order to be picked up.

3. American Veterans (AMVETS)

The AMVETS National Service Foundation provides assistance to local veterans and their families. When you donate an appliance, their free washer and dryer pickup program is complete. 

They’ll normally want you to plan a date ahead of time, which you can do online or by calling an organization representative.

This charity only accepts electrical appliances smaller than a microwave, such as toasters, coffeemakers, food processors, blenders, toasters, hairdryers, electric kettles, beverage makers, slow cookers, and vacuums.

4. Goodwill

Goodwill is a national organization that provides communities with the resources they require to prosper.

Donating to them is quite simple, and depending on the needs of a specific branch, they may pick up old appliances for free. 

It is recommended that you contact your local Goodwill team to learn more about their contribution list and the donation process. 

The revenues from the sale of donated products are used by all Goodwill branches to assist people with employment training and placement.

Goodwill is well-known for providing free washing machine removal, as well as pick-up services for other appliances such as dryers, stoves, and dishwashers.

What they accept and the restrictions that must be met in order to qualify for donation vary in every store.

5. The Arc

The Arc was founded in 1950 to assist adults and children with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

If you donate to their cause, this non-profit may offer you free washer and dryer pickup.

For additional information on what your local branch does and does not haul away, we recommend checking their website.

The Arc is most known for picking up unwanted furniture and clothing for free, but it also accepts household appliances in rare situations.

6. Pick Up My Donation

The group collaborates with nonprofits across the country to collect donations and distribute them to thrift stores and those in need.

They’re an excellent option to get free refrigerator disposal while also helping your community.

Simply go to their website and fill out a donation form to get linked with local thrift stores and charities and schedule a pickup.

Choose up My Donation provides free pickup of all used appliances. Because service availability varies by region, we strongly advise you to contact them for more information.

7. American Council of the Blind

If you live in Texas and are looking for free appliance removal services, the American Council of the Blind (ACB) is a great place to start.

They take all types of stuff, including secondhand furniture and aged but functional appliances.

When you donate your used appliances to ACB, you are supporting a local organization that has a measurable impact on the lives of regular Americans.

ACB’s free removal of outdated appliances includes almost any household equipment as long as it is in good functioning order.


IKEA provides free pick-up of used appliances when purchasing new ones.

They’ll collect it from you and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly manner, making the appliance switch procedure simple and painless.

The only restriction to IKEA’s pickup service is that you must purchase an appliance in order to take advantage of it, and appliances are one-for-one. 

9. Costco

Costco shops charge a fee for in-home delivery and installation, as well as old appliance removal.

They also provide free refrigerator disposal when you purchase and have a new one delivered to your home.

Costco’s free refrigerator collection service requires you to purchase a new appliance in order to have an old one removed.

They can transport anything from garages lower levels, and basements on a one-for-one basis.

10. Donation Centers

If your neighborhood has resale shops, donation centers, or group homes in need of gently used furniture or appliances in good functioning order, they may send someone to your house to pick up your donation.

Finding a group home or donation facility that needs your old appliances/furniture may take some time.

While some programs will come to your home and collect your goods for free, others will require you to transport them to their location.

Not all donation facilities accept appliances or furniture, so ask ahead before dragging your bulky goods across town.

Alternative to Free Appliance Removal

Alternative to Free Appliance Removal

While most organizations will accept outdated but functional appliances, you may still require rubbish removal. If you don’t want to wait for a charity pickup, there are alternative solutions available. 

Many appliance removal firms will pick up broken equipment and recycle them for you. Consider the alternatives listed below.

1. Hire a Junk Removal Company

Jiffy Junk is a leading name in appliance removal, handling everything from washing machines and refrigerators to microwaves, ovens, and stovetops. 

We can handle anything; as long as anything can be connected up, you can rely on our crew to remove it. 

Our company is happy to be a dependable service that homeowners can rely on to get rid of their unwanted stuff.

With us, you get a guaranteed quality service, eco-friendly disposal, and a fair price you can afford.

2. Take Appliances to Recycling Centers

While free appliance disposal is not guaranteed, many recycling organizations will take items off your hands for a modest payment.

Large appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, and dryers are among these products. 

If you have a sufficient car, you can take the stuff to the facility yourself, or you can usually schedule a time for them to come and take it.

Appliance recycling is always a good option for individuals wishing to dispose of their old appliances in a responsible and effective manner.

3. Sell Online

If you want to gain money from your unwanted appliances, selling them online is a terrific alternative.

Craigslist and eBay, for example, provide platforms for you to display and sell your stuff in exchange for money. 

This can be a terrific way to get some use out of an item that would otherwise be thrown away while also earning a few dollars.

4. Repair Broken Appliances

In other circumstances, it may not even be necessary to dispose of an outdated device. Depending on the age and condition of the object, it may be worthwhile to restore and resell it. 

Many appliances can be fixed by a professional to make them usable again or ready for resale.

How Much Does Appliance Removal Cost?

The price for each appliance removal might range from $24 to 102 dollars.

Most cost estimates include labor and the appliance’s proper disposal.

Detaching from surfaces and disassembling bulky components into manageable bits for safe hauling away are typical labor charges.

An additional $14–$16 per hour of labor may be required if you need to dispose of more installation waste.

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