Wendy's Lunch Hours ( Lunch Menu & Prices 2022)

Wendy’s Lunch Hours ( Lunch Menu & Prices 2022)

You could be curious about when Wendy’s starts serving lunch if you have a craving for it. Like many other fast-food joints, Wendy’s only offers certain meal options at particular times of the day. You must know Wendy’s lunch hours so that you don’t miss out on your preferred lunch option. What you should know about Wendy’s and its lunch menu is provided here.

Wendy's Lunch Hours ( Lunch Menu & Prices 2022)

What Time Does Wendy’s Serve Lunch?

Although some restaurants may serve lunch at 11 AM, Wendy’s lunch hour begins at 10:30 AM.

Despite this, there is a brief delay on weekends.

Lunch service begins at 11 AM on Saturdays and Sundays.

The advantage of Wendy’s lunch is that it is continuously available.

You can still order from the lunch menu even if the dinner menu serves at 4:30 PM.

What’s On Wendy’s Lunch Menu?

Wendy's Lunch Hours ( Lunch Menu & Prices 2022)

There are several dishes offered on Wendy’s lunch menu that are also available for the evening.

Considering that, the following are some often found items on Wendy’s lunch menu.


Burgers are a mainstay on Wendy’s menu.

By cutting its patties into squares, Wendy’s adds its distinctive stamp on them.

They use ingredients like soft pretzel buns, crunchy onions, applewood smoked bacon and smoky bacon bourbon sauce.

You can order some of the following things with those components, along with others:

1. Pretzel Bacon Pub Cheeseburger

2. Bourbon Bacon Classic

3. Dave’s Single

4. Son of Baconator

5. Baconator

6. Jr. Cheeseburger

7. Big Bacon Classic

8. Jr. Hamburger

9. Bacon Double Stack

You can order any of these hamburgers as a single, double, or even triple order.

To make sure your burgers are precisely what you want, you may also alter the ingredients.


You might not be aware that a fast-food restaurant like Wendy’s provides anything with such a sophisticated name as croissants.

The restaurant offers a variety of savory croissants for sale.

They topped the croissant with swiss cheese and has chicken, sausage, or even bacon within.

You can order the following croissants from Wendy’s, for example:

1. Bacon, Egg & Swiss Croissant

2. Maple Bacon Chicken Croissant

3. Sausage, Egg & Swiss Croissant

Biscuits & Sandwiches

Even though they might appear like more of breakfast food, Wendy’s offers biscuits for lunch.

They also offer scrumptious savory sandwiches.

The sandwiches’ dough has some crispness, whilst the biscuits were cooked with buttermilk to make them fluffy.

At Wendy’s, you may purchase a variety of biscuits, including:

1. Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit

2. Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit

3. Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit

4. If you want a sandwich instead, here are some of the options that you can find:

5. Spicy Jalapeno Popper Sandwich

6. Spicy Chicken Sandwich

7. Crispy Chicken Sandwich

8. Grilled Chicken Sandwich

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You can eat Wendy’s chicken nuggets for lunch whether you like to consume them as a snack or a meal.

The crispness of its breading is one thing that distinguishes Wendy’s chicken nuggets from those of other fast-food establishments.

The two primary nugget options on Wendy’s lunch menu are.

They comprise:

1. Crispy Chicken Nuggets

2. Spicy Chicken Nuggets

3. You’re able to order these nuggets in quantities of four, six, or even 10 pieces.


Wendy's Lunch Hours ( Lunch Menu & Prices 2022)

Purchasing a combo meal at Wendy’s is one method to cut costs on lunch.

A combo meal combines a few distinct menu items at a discounted rate.

The following combinations are available on Wendy’s lunch menu:

1. Classic Chicken Sandwich Combo

2. Dave’s Combo

3. 10-Pc. Chicken Nugget Combo

4. Big Bacon Classic Combo

5. Asiago Ranch Chicken Club Combo

6. With a Wendy’s combo item, you’re able to get a few different delicious items at a great price.

Meal Deals

Besides combos, Wendy’s also provides several lunchtime meal specials.

Depending on the day and the location, these deals could change.

However, a few of the most popular meal deals are:

1. Feed the Fam Deals

2. Biggie Deals

3. Meal Deals

4. Wendy’s Kid’s Meal

These meals are typically a little bigger than the combo offers.

For instance, the Serve the Fam deal provides several menu items that should feed a big family at a little reduced cost.

Fries And Sides

Without its fair share of sides, no fast-food restaurant is complete.

Wendy’s offers a variety of sides to complete your meal.

Their freshly cut fries are among their most well-known items.

On their lunch menu, you can get the following additional sides:

1. Cheese-baked potatoes

2. Apple bites

3. Fresh-cut fries


As if their lunch menu wasn’t already broad enough, Wendy’s also offers healthier selections.

To ensure that its customers may enjoy a nutritious side with their meal, Wendy’s creates its salads from scratch.

On their lunch menu, they offer various salads, such as:

1. Taco Salad

2. Summer Strawberry Salad

3. Parmesan Caesar Salad

Southwest Avocado Salad

You can always find the ideal salad at Wendy’s, whether you’re craving something light and healthful or something a little cheesy and spicy.


In addition, Wendy’s offers a few bakery items on its lunch menu.

On their menu, you may find a variety of bakery items, such as:

1. Sugar Cookies

2. Oatmeal Bars

3. Chocolate Chunk Cookies

The bakery selections on Wendy’s lunch menu can be worth considering if you prefer something sweet with your meal.


Almost always have Wendy’s drinks on hand, no matter the time.

But you can locate the following items if you want to know for sure what’s on the lunch menu:

1. Frosty Smoothies

2. Coffee

3. Lemonade

4. Coca-Cola

5. Diet Coke

6. Milk

8. Chocolate Milk

9. Juice

10. Fresh-Brewed Decaffeinated Coffee

11. Ice Tea

12. Water

You will have a wide selection of beverages to choose from for your meal.

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What Time Does Wendy’s Close?

Wendy's Lunch Hours ( Lunch Menu & Prices 2022)

Even though Wendy’s continues to serve its lunch menu once the evening starts, you might be curious about its closing time.

At 10 PM, most Wendy’s restaurants close.

However, some shops are open around-the-clock.

You can place an order from the lunch menu up until the start of the breakfast menu.

Is Wendy’s Open 24 Hours?

Yes, certain Wendy’s locations are open round-the-clock.

The metro areas with sufficient populations for Wendy’s restaurants to remain open 24 hours a day are likely to be these areas.

You can phone them or check online to see if the Wendy’s in your area is open 24/7.

They offer lunch and supper menus in Wendy’s locations that are open around the clock until the breakfast menu starts.

When Does Wendy’s Serve Breakfast?

Although Wendy’s is better known for its lunch and dinner offerings, it just debuted a breakfast menu that is no slouch.

At Wendy’s, they can place as early breakfast orders as 6:30 in the morning.

They served the food until 10:30 AM.

The lunch menu appears at this point.

Remember that various stores operate at various times.

In this situation, they may not serve breakfast until 7 or 8 AM.

They might defer ending the breakfast service longer.

You should know they don’t start serving breakfast for delivery to homes or places of business until 8 AM.

That’s because Wendy’s uses independent contractors to deliver its food.

Most third-party drivers don’t begin driving until 8 AM.

This implies that you can order lunch and dinner meals at Wendy’s locations which are open around the clock until 6:30 in the morning.

What Is A Wendy’s Frosty casino?

A Frosty-casino is one drink that you can have at Wendy’s.

Both chocolate and a vanilla Frosty-casino are available at Wendy’s.

The Frosty-casino is Wendy’s version of their coffee mix, although McDonald’s and Burger King each have their coffee beverages.

A Frosty casino is a blend of their Frosty mix and coffee.

They served it with ice.

That results in a sweet coffee that can sate both the desire for an early dessert and to wake up.

Can Wendy’s Deliver Breakfast To Your Work?

Indeed, Wendy’s will deliver breakfast to your place of business.

You’re in luck if you forgot to stop for breakfast on the way out.

To order Wendy’s for breakfast, pull out your phone and use Wendy’s app.

Remember that they can’t deliver before 8 AM.

Once you have the app, all you have to do is enter your location data.

A list of the shops nearest to you will be displayed.

You can choose one app that doesn’t decide for yourself.

You can then place an order for the breakfast foods you want to eat.

As soon as you place your order, Wendy’s will begin processing it.

You’ll be given a delivery time estimate.

You can order from Wendy’s online if you don’t want to use the app.

Finally, you can order meals online and have them delivered to you via a third-party delivery service like Uber Eats or GrubHub.

It’s simpler than ever to place a Wendy’s breakfast order.

Wendy’s has a fantastic lunch menu that is available from 10:30 AM till the location closes.

As long as the morning menu is finished, you can eat lunch at Wendy’s almost whenever you want.

Although Wendy’s has previously had difficulty with its breakfast menu, the most recent attempt has been successful.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Time Does Wendy’s Start Serving Lunch?

Wendy’s normally opens for lunch around 10:30 a.m.

Get to Wendy’s as soon as possible if you’re traveling or taking a long trip and need a proper meal in the shape of a Baconator, which is the best possible Wendy’s order.

2. What Time Does Wendy’s Stop Serving Breakfast?

Most Wendy’s open for breakfast at 6:30 AM. It closes at 10:30 AM. And for the majority, delivery starts at 8:00 AM local time.

3. What Time Does Carl’s Jr. Start Serving Lunch?

At 10:30, Carl’s Jr. opens for lunch. However, based on what I could find, their breakfast burger is still available all day.

4. When do Different Fast Food Restaurants Serve Lunch?

Most restaurants that serve breakfast serve lunch at about 10:30. The lone exception in this area is Taco Bell, which opens at 9 a.m.

5. Why did Wendy’s Restaurant Decide to Offer Breakfast?

In a tiny number of places, they have been doing that for years. Their brunch at the BWI airport is something I’ve tasted, and it was great.

6. Can You Get a Burger and Fries at 7 AM at Burger King?

Yes, you can get a burger and fries at Burger King as early as 7 AM.

From Monday through Saturday, Burger King’s breakfast hours are from 6:00 am to 10:30 am.

Breakfast Bacon King Sausage, Egg & Cheese on the Burger King menu.

7. What do You Normally Order From Wendy’s?

This package includes a sandwich of your choice, a 4-count nugget, small fries, and a small beverage. There are several sandwiches to choose from, including Jr.

8. Is Wendy’s Going to Stop Serving Burgers?

Because of temporary beef shortages brought on by Covid, Wendy’s temporarily removed select burgers from some locations’ menus.

9. Does a 24-Hour McDonald’s Serve Lunch at 4 AM?

Yes, a McDonald’s open all the time would provide lunch. They would offer breakfast and dinner.

10. What are the Best Aspects of Working at Wendy’s?

Good management and a fun environment. Pleasant customers and easygoing.

It’s enjoyable to go to easy work. Simple to advance in rank.

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