How to sell on eBay

How to Sell on eBay (Step-by-Step Beginner’s Guide)

How to sell on eBay? You can check eBay’s eligibility. If your verified address is in one of their listed nations, regions, or foreign territories. To know your eligibility to register and sell on eBay

However, you can’t be qualified to sell on eBay if your nation or region is not listed.

How to sell on eBay?

1. Creat and Setup an eBay account

How to sell on eBay


The first step on how to sell on eBay and being a successful seller is by creating an eBay account. Which can be created in a matter of minutes.

Create a personal or professional account. To register, go to and select “register” from the top-left menu.

The page automatically registers you for a personal account, which is great if you periodically sell a few modest products.

However, it is advisable to choose a commercial account if you intend to sell significant volumes frequently.


You will then be prompted to select a user ID. Every person who views your listings or engages with you will see your ID.

So pick a name that accurately represents your company. For instance, vieempire and meatrice.


You will be asked to choose an automatic payment option, such as PayPal, a bank account, a credit or debit card, after generating a user ID.

You will be billed by eBay using this payment method for any expenses associated with your seller activity, such as buyer reimbursements.

2. Generate a Listing

It’s time to list your first item on eBay now that you have a seller account. To begin, sign into your account and select “Sell” in the top right corner.

  • Name your product.
  • Select between fixed-price selling and auction-style selling.
  • Put a price on the items.
  • Make shipment arrangements.

3. Regulate Your eBay Listing

You’ll get an email as soon as your ad is live, letting you know it’s been posted. but your job as the seller is far from done.

If your item sells, you’ll still need to answer inquiries from purchasers, maybe advertise your listing, and finish the sale.

If a buyer emails eBay with a question, eBay will notify you via email. However, you may also monitor your listing.

By login to eBay and selecting “My eBay” from the menu in the top right-hand corner.

You can examine your current listings from this page, check the number of viewers and bidders, and respond to inquiries from buyers.


Frequently Asked Questions on How to Sell on eBay

How to sell on eBay

eBay keeps a share of the sale if your item sells for most categories. The value fee is 12.9% of the sale price or less plus $0.30 for each order.

eBay is certainly a better option if you only have a few products to sell. Listing your goods won’t cost you anything, and if you’re only making a few of them. The small amount of work required to set up a listing won’t matter much.

You’ll get paid as an eBay seller into the associated checking account. You can mail the item as soon as the buyer’s order is verified. Your sales earnings will appear under processing money after the automatic deduction of the selling fees and other expenses.

Whether your item sells, they will charge you when you create your listing for the optional listing improvement known as reserve prices. Up to a maximum amount of $250, reserve fees are computed as $5 or 7.5 percent of the reserve price you specify.

Once they reach a particular threshold, your sales on online marketplaces like eBay are regarded as reportable income. Due to IRS laws, they must issue a 1099-K to US sellers who sell $20,000 or more in 2021 and $600 or more in 2022. This is because eBay facilitates payments for these purchases.

The optional Subtitle listing upgrading charge will increase by $0.50, starting on March 1, 2022. The price increase will apply to items with a Buy It Now or auction start price of up to $150. Therefore, the new cost for auction listings will be $1.50. The cost was previously $1.00.

The fact that anyone can quickly create a seller account and begin selling on eBay accounts for the nearly 17 million vendors that the site has today. Getting started as an eBay seller is very simple. On the same day, you can open an account, list a product, and sell it.

There is no requirement for the receipt unless you are selling something while it is still under warranty. On eBay, descriptions are key.

You don’t need to include anything that is not in that description as long as you explain the product as accurately as you can.

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