What Time Does AutoZone Close? (Hours 2022 Near Me)

What time does AutoZone close? Except for a few significant holidays, this leading retailer of auto parts is open all year long.

You can visit their local AutoZone in your leisure time to find the best care option.

What Time Does AutoZone Close?

What Time Does AutoZone Close

Every Monday through Saturday from 7:30 am to 10 pm, AutoZone is open.

On Sundays, they have shorter hours and are open from 8:00 AM until 9:00 PM. 

However, you must check the official website for the store hours before visiting one close by. You’ll be able to save time and money.

What Time Does Auto Zone Open on Sundays and Holidays?

What Time Does AutoZone Close

On Sunday, AutoZone did not completely close its doors. They shorten or alter their brief hours.  Normal store hours for AutoZone are 8 AM and 9 PM in the late evening.

Except for a few significant holidays, this leading retailer of auto parts is open all year long. You can visit your local AutoZone in your leisure time to find the best care option.

AutoZone is open through all national holidays except on Thanksgiving, Christmas days, and Easter Sunday. 

However, they have fewer working hours on Christmas eve.


Frequently Asked Questions

With the addition of Advance Auto, a business with combined annual sales of $9.3 billion, 5,264 company-owned stores, and over 70,000 workers would be created. 1,246 corporate outlets operated under the Carquest name and were owned by General Parts. 5,210 locations, 72,000 staff members, and $9.25 billion in annual revenue make up AutoZone.

AutoZone does indeed install batteries. Batteries are not just sold at AutoZone. in most situations, they can also be installed there. It might be time for a new battery if the one in your car is dead, and won’t hold a charge, or won’t start. Batteries can be purchased and installed at AutoZone.

O’Reilly Automotive is one of AutoZone’s principal rivals in the specialized retail sector (ORLY). U.S. Auto Parts Network, Pep Boys – Manny, Moe & Jack, and Advance Auto Parts (AAP) are other players in the consumer discretionary market (PRTS).

Charles F. O’Reilly, 72, would have retired and C. H. O’Reilly would have moved to Kansas City as part of a reorganization Link planned in 1957. Since neither supported these ideas, they started their own business, O’Reilly Automotive, Inc.

In the fiscal year 2021, AutoZone ran over 6,000 locations across the country. Additionally, in 2021, this merchant of aftermarket car parts and accessories had 664 locations in Mexico and 52 locations in Brazil.

Make a brief trip to AutoZone to get any car, SUV, or truck auto parts you require if something is wrong with your vehicle. Both genuine OEM and aftermarket parts that function as well as or are better than OE are available to us.

AutoZone, an auto parts retailer that sells a variety of automotive parts from many brands, is the manufacturer of Duralast batteries. In actuality, Johnson Controls International Plc appears to be the “manufacturer” of these Duralast batteries.

Battery life in cars is limited to three to five years. Batteries eventually lose their capacity until they can no longer start an engine. The vehicle’s usage pattern is one aspect affecting how quickly the battery last.

From 268 to 238 on the Fortune 500 ranking, AutoZone increased by 30 positions. A gain in revenue of 6.5% as well as made this possible in part a record-breaking fourth quarter of 2020, which saw the retailer register its best same-store sales performance since 1991.

Since 1979, AutoZone has advanced significantly. The nation’s top retailer of automotive replacement parts started out as a single store in Forrest City, Arkansas.

AutoZone has continued to develop ever since it was founded, and so have our customers.

Most time changes regionally, you can use the locator to find an AutoZone nearest to you.

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