What Time is Fajr Prayer in Everett WA? (Prayer Times)

What Time is Fajr Prayer in Everett WA? (Prayer Times)

What is Fajr prayer in Everett WA? A lot of people have been asking this particular question and it is the reason we shall be discussing the prayer time in Everett WA.

What Time is Fajr Prayer in Everett WA?

What Time is Fajr Prayer in Everett WA? (Prayer Times)

The city azan, salat schedule, and 7-day timetable are also included.

Everett has daily Fajar (Fajr) timing, Dhuhur time, Asr time, Maghrib Everett prayer times, and Isha Everett Namaz timing.

Everett namaz timing today, 07 Muharram 1444, for the next 7 days Schedule from August 5, 2022, to August 11, 2022, with customizable prayer time calculation methods to determine the best time for your prayer.

You can read Everett zawal time updates with complete start and end time details.

Today in Everett, the Sun Set Time, or Iftar Time is 5:51 AM, and the Dawn Break Time, or the end of Sehri Time is 4:04 AM.

Along with Everett Prayer Times, you can also find Everett Sehri and Iftar Times for Fiqa Hanafi (Sunni) and Everett Sehri and Iftar Times for Fiqa Jafria (Shia).

Prayer Timing Customization

What Time is Fajr Prayer in Everett WA? (Prayer Times)

You can change or adjust the timing based on your country’s prayer calculation methods by using this option.

All Sunni schools of thought, including Hanafi, Shafi, Maliki, and Hanbali, can use these timings.

You can also find makrooh time updates here, including Everett zawal time with complete start and end time details.

Everett Sun Set Time, also known as Iftar Time in Everett, is 8:39 PM, and Dawn Break Time, also known as the end of Sehri Time in Everett, is 4:03 AM.

During the month of Ramadan, Sehri and Iftar are also referred to as Ramadan Time.

The following are the prayer times in Karachi for Friday, August 5, 2022:

1. Fajr Time in Everett: 4:04 AM

2. Zuhr Time in Everett: 1:15 PM

3. Asr Time in Everett: 5:17 PM

4. Maghrib Time in Everett: 8:38 PM

5. Isha Time in Everett: 10:25 PM

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The importance of Fajr prayers

What Time is Fajr Prayer in Everett WA? (Prayer Times)

Allah values the performance of each of the five daily prayers at their appointed times, none more so than the Fajr, or dawn, prayer.

The sermon will inform worshippers that the Fajr prayer is so important that Allah dedicated a chapter to it in the Quran.

They regarded the rising of the sun and the spreading of its rays across the skies as a sacred time when Angels are said to descend, flocking to those who have risen early to pray.

These Angels bear witness to worshippers’ prayers and hear their Quran recitations.

They keep track of these good deeds in their Scrolls and report them to Allah.

“Angels alternate between night and day, and they all gather at dawn and afternoon prayers,” the Prophet Mohammed said.

“Those [of the angels] who spent the night among you then ascend, and their Lord asks them, even though He is the most knowledgeable about the situation: How did you leave My servants?” They respond, “We left them while they prayed and returned to them while they prayed.”

Worshippers who pray Fajr should be glad because they are in the presence of Angels. Such people should be praised, and they said Allah to be proud of them.

“Look at My servant; he has left his bed and risen for prayer only out of a desire for what is with Me and consideration for what is from Me,” a Hadith Qudsi says (Prophetic saying as revealed to him by Allah).

Fajr prayers signal the start of the day and encourage people to fight their natural desire to sleep longer and rise at dawn to be in the Divine presence before God.

The Prophet Mohammed advised Muslims to observe prayer times, especially Fajr and Isha.

“If they [the people] knew the reward for praying Isha and Fajr in the congregation, they would join them even if they had to crawl,” he said.

According to the Prophet, worshippers who pray for Fajr receive special protection from Allah.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everett’s Fajr Time is 4:04 AM. Fajr is made up of four Rakats: two Farz and two Sunnah. Fajr prayer time begins at 4:04 AM and lasts until the sun rises. Today’s Fajr time in Everett ends at 5:51 a.m.

 Today’s Ishraq Namaz timing in Everett begins at 06:06 AM and ends at 09:32 AM.

Everett Zuhr Time is 1:15 PM. Zuhr Salah is made up of 12 Rakat, 4 Sunnah, 4 Farz, 2 Sunnah, and 2 Nafl. Zuhr Namaz time in Everett begins after zawal time at 1:15 PM and ends before asr time at 5:17 PM. It is an afternoon prayer that includes 8 Rakat as well as 4 Sunnat and 4 Farz.

Today, Asr time in Everett begins at 5:17 PM and ends before Maghrib time at 8:38 PM.

Everett’s Maghrib Time is 8:38 PM. It’s a sunset prayer with seven Rakat: three Farz, two Sunnat, and two Nafl. Today, Maghrib time begins at 8:38 PM and ends before Isha time at 10:25 PM in Everett.

It is a night prayer with 17 Rakat: four Sunnah, four Fard, two Sunnah, two Nafl, three Witr, and two Nafl. Today’s Isha Namaz begins at 10:25 PM and ends before Fajr at 4:04 AM in Everett.

The Fajr prayer (Arabic: صلاة الفجر ṣalāt al-fajr, “dawn prayer”) is one of the five mandatory salah (Islamic prayer), to be performed anytime starting from the moment of dawn, but not after sunrise. As an Islamic day starts at sunset, the Fajr prayer is technically the third prayer of the day.

Muslims are required to wake up early to pray (Fajr) at dawn (approximately one and one-half hours before sunrise). Some Muslims wake up to pray Fajr and then sleep until it is time to work (split sleep), whereas others sleep continuously (consolidated sleep) until work time and pray Fajr upon awakening.

Fajr prayers mark the beginning of the day and call on people to fight their natural inclination to continue sleeping and to get up at dawn and strive to place themselves in the Divine presence before God. The Prophet Mohammed advised adhering to prayer times, particularly Fajr and Isha.

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