Can You Return Items From Nordstrom to Nordstrom Rack (2022)

Can You Return Items From Nordstrom to Nordstrom Rack (2022)

Ever purchased something from a store only to discover that it was soiled or otherwise flawed? What if you discovered that the closest store is not a division of that business but a subsidiary? If this occurred to you at Nordstrom, you’ve likely questioned can I return Nordstrom items to Nordstrom Rack? In this article, we’ll address your inquiries and go over the specifics of Nordstrom’s return policy. 

Can You Return Items From Nordstrom to Nordstrom Rack (2022)

About the Nordstrom Rack Returns Policy

Unlike Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack adheres to Hautelook’s 45-day return window, which differs from Nordstrom’s.

Remember that their personnel has the power to accept a return after the deadline if you are late (at their discretion).

In such circumstances, they can only reimburse 50% of the initial purchase price.

Most items purchased at Nordstrom can be returned to Nordstrom Rack, with the following exceptions:

1. Worn or damaged apparel

2. Beauty items

Articles that are:

1. Not in their original casing

2. Marked as Final Sale or Non-Returnable

How To Begin a Nordstrom Rack Returns Process

Although Nordstrom Rack does not offer an exchange service, you can still receive a refund for your purchases.

Once you’ve established that your items are returnable, you have a few options for getting your money back:

1. Take your purchase to the nearest Nordstrom Rack store

2. Submit an online request

3. Returning Your Article in Person

If you’re inclined to pick the first option, follow these steps:

1. Find the nearest store using the Nordstrom Rack store locator

2. Take the receipt (with the original form of payment) with you

3. Visit their department store and ask for a refund

4. Starting the Return Process Online

If you choose the second option, do:

1. Go to the blank returns section of the Nordstrom Rack website

2. Enter your order number and ZIP or postal code

3. Submit a return request once they have found your order

4. Print the prepaid shipping label the store will send you via email

5. Ship your items (with the prepaid return label)

6. Check out the summary of viable and non-viable ways to return Nordstrom items to Nordstrom Rack:

Return Request Via Yes/No
DoNotPay Yes
Mail Yes
Personal visit to their store Yes
Fax/Mobile No
Email No

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The Time Does Nordstrom Rack Take To Process Your Return Request?

Depending on the return option you select, Nordstrom Rack may require a different amount of time to process your request.

You can expect a refund in the amount of 5-7 business days if you decide to return the item in person.

Wait 10 to 14 days for the return request to be processed if you choose the digital option.

The reimbursement will be given and will take 5-7 days to arrive:

1. As an eCard (if you bought the item with a Nordstrom Rack Gift Card)

2. To your PayPal account or credit card (if you used them to purchase the item)

Speed Up the Returns Process With DoNotPay

Can You Return Items From Nordstrom to Nordstrom Rack (2022)

DoNotPay is here to help you expedite the Nordstrom Rack refund procedure.

A customized return request will be made using the data you give and sent to the business on your behalf.

The letter will include a window of time in which they must handle your request.

Not only that, but we’ll also provide you a free mailing label so you can send the item back, paying nothing!

To use our services, simply adhere to these simple instructions:

1. Sign up for DoNotPay

2. Choose the Return My Purchase product

3. Specify why you want to return the item (include photos, if applicable)

If you need any help returning faulty products to other stores, here is a fraction of the companies DoNotPay can help you with:

Walmart Target eBay
SHEIN Costco Wayfair
Kohl’s Ulta REI
Sephora Macy’s Abercrombie & Fitch

If they cannot return the item you purchased, don’t be discouraged. DoNotPay has a ton of other strategies up its sleeve that can still make you money!

We can assist you with everything, including entering sweepstakes, lowering your property taxes and utility bills, earning money from robocalls and spam emails, waiving your college application fees, sending a college financial aid appeal letter, and securing a refund from any business or airline.

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DoNotPay Is Always at Your Disposal

Our app’s goal is to relieve you of routine administrative and legal responsibilities so you won’t have to squander any of your valuable time.

DoNotPay will easily take care of any of your needs, whether you want to contest parking fines, draft a legal document, agree to notarized, get a tourist visa, deter sex offenders, send anything without standing in line, or communicate with a loved one who is incarcerated.

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Return Faulty, Broken, or Unwanted Items to Receive a Refund

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Considered Return Abuse?

Yes, Nordstrom accepts returns without the price tag.

If you’re looking to return an item without the price tag, just bring it to your nearest Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack.

While they’ll try looking up the item in the system, if they can’t the refund will be in gift card form.

2. Can I Return Something to Nordstrom That I Didn’t Buy There?

If they can’t find your purchase they’ll refund you the current price of the item as a Nordstrom gift card.

3. Can I Return Nordstrom Items to Nordstrom Rack Without Receipt?

If you try and return an item 90+ days after you purchased it, you’ll have to accept store credit as a Nordstrom gift card.

It doesn’t matter if you have your receipt or not. This applies to in-store as well as online purchases.

4. Does Nordstrom Rack Accept Returns?

You have 45 days from the original ship date to make returns on eligible items.

Mail can make returns for free at your nearest U.S. Nordstrom Rack store or U.S. Nordstrom store.

To confirm whether your item is returnable, check your invoice, email confirmation, or Purchases page.

5. Can I Use a Nordstrom Gift Card at Nordstrom Rack?

Nordstrom Rack Gift Cards and eGift Cards don’t expire, have no fees, and are redeemable in stores and online at Nordstrom Rack and Nordstrom.

6. What is the Difference Between Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack?

Nordstrom is a high-end department store found in Malls mostly in the East and Middle West locations, they have many things such as shoes and purses and clothes, so the difference is the Nordstrom Rack is the clearance section or sale section for all the clothes that don’t sell during the season at Nordstrom.

7. Is Nordstrom Rack Owned by Nordstrom?

They are the off-price division of Nordstrom, Inc., and we’ve been serving up sweet deals to customers since 1973.

At Nordstrom Rack, you can always find the brands you love up to 70% off. We make it easy to shop your way: in-store, online, and through the Nordstrom Rack app.

8. What Does Nordstrom do With Returned Items?

If returned merchandise is in “like new” condition but has a flaw, such as a small tear, Nordstrom marks it down and sends it to one of its 12 Rack discount outlets, with an “As Is” label. Occasionally, slightly damaged shoes will be refurbished and sold at the Rack, also clearly labeled “As Is.”

9. What is Considered Return Abuse?

Return abuse is a form of “friendly fraud” where someone purchases products without intending to keep them. Perhaps the best-known form of this abuse is “wardrobing” or “free renting” – in which the person makes a purchase, use the product(s), and then returns the merchandise.

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