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Amazon Hub Counter+ (How to Collect from Amazon Hub Counter)

Amazon Hub Counter is a system of staffed pickup points that enable customers to collect their Amazon parcels in-store at a partner location. Also, the service is available at no extra cost to Prime members.

Amazon Hub Counter

Amazon Hub Counter has brought more options into its vast e-commerce empire, and its ambition to sell more of its products. 

In addition, the company announced a new service in the US called Counter, a free in-store pickup service where Amazon shoppers can collect packages.

Also, the Amazon Hub counter has innumerable marketing techniques for generating traffic and making them a successful website like Amazon. 

In addition, it proves some e-commerce platforms hire other service providers, and this makes them reliable.

Also, to serve clients in their neighbourhood, Amazon Hub partners can choose from a variety of product solutions, such as Lockers and Apartment Lockers.

What’s an Amazon Hub Locker

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Amazon Hub Locker is a secure, self-service kiosk that enables you to pick up your package at a place or location and time that’s convenient for you. 

Also, you can pick up your package during evenings and weekends no more worrying about packages left at your door while you’re out.

In addition, when your package is prepared for pickup, Amazon will send you an email with a shipment tracking ID and a special pick-up barcode

Interestingly, you can your barcode or input the tracking ID on the Amazon Hub Locker screen to unlock the locker. Three (3) days are given to you to pick up your package. Amazon hub will return your package for a full refund if you choose not to pick it up.


What is an Amazon Hub Counter

Amazon Hub Counter

Amazon Hub Counter is a pickup place where staff can scan and retrieve amazon packages from behind a counter. Also, they are ‌in banks, fitness centres, coffee shops, convenience stores, general retail, government agencies, and supermarkets.

Amazon Delivery Hub

Amazon Delivery Hub

To order anything to be delivered to an Amazon Hub, you must follow these procedures.

1. Add a product that qualifies to your shopping basket, then click Proceed to Checkout.

2. Select Search for a Pickup Point location near me when picking a delivery address.

3. Look up using a landmark, address, or zip code.

4. Next to the place you’ve selected, click Ship to this address.

5. Finish the order.

6. You will get your package ready for pickup.


Frequently Asked Questions

Amazon Counter scaled

1. How does an Amazon Hub Counter Work?

To accept the return, the Amazon Hub Counter employee reads the QR code. Also, your item is placed in a polythene bag by the Amazon Hub Counter employee, who then attaches a return label to the package and ships it back to Amazon.

2. Can I Pick up a Package from Amazon Distribution Center?

Yes, you can. In addition, you can pick up your package whenever it’s convenient for you. Also, you will ‌look for an Amazon Hub location at checkout if every item in your order is qualified.

3. Where can I Drop Off Amazon Returns for Free?

Customers from Amazon can return qualifying items for free, without a box, to 1,150 Kohl’s shops in 48 states.

4. Why is Amazon App not Working?

There could be a problem with the Amazon app if you have uninstalled iOS or Android OS updates that are still waiting.

In addition, it’s a good idea to make sure they fully updated your mobile device to get rid of any potential OS issues.

5. Does FedEx use Amazon Hub?

All carriers, including UPS, FedEx, and the U.S. Also, the postal Service, and any other carrier, can leave packages in safe lockers for clients to pick up later thanks to the Hub service.

6. Does Amazon Hub Cost Money?

No, it doesn’t. In addition, It costs nothing to join our global Amazon Hub network. Also, with Lockers, Amazon will pay for their creation, shipment, installation, and upkeep so you can concentrate on what you do best.

7. How do you use Amazon Hub?

1. visit the Locker location.

2. In your delivery confirmation email, you can find the 6-digit pickup code and barcode.

3. On the touch-screen display, key in your pickup code, or use the Locker scanner to read the barcode. Directly underneath the Locker’s touch screen is where you’ll find the scanner.

8. How do I Opt Out of Amazon Hub?

You can opt out of Amazon hub by selecting the Change link beside your lower locker confirmation during checkout.

9. How long does Amazon Locker hold Items?

You have three calendar days and seven calendar days, respectively, to pick up your box from a locker or counter. Also, Amazon will automatically return your package for you and issue a refund if you cannot pick it up within this time frame.

10. Are Amazon lockers Free?

Choose the Amazon Locker as your delivery location throughout the checkout process. Also, you’ll get an email notification when your delivery is delivered with a six-digit locker access code. Compared to using your regular address, using an Amazon Locker is free.

11. How long can a Package Stay in a Parcel Locker?

 Packages can typically stay in lockers for a week to 10 days. Also, many shipping companies establish their own rules regarding stays, which can range from a few days.

12. Can Large Items be Shipped to Amazon Locker?

Not really. This is because A P.O. Box may not accommodate items that are excessively big or heavy. Instead, a street address must receive these products.

Also, items could be too big or heavy to fit inside an Amazon Locker. These items must get the street address since they cannot be delivered to an Amazon Locker.

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