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Publix Money Order

Although money orders are a frequent method of payment for products and services. Not all retailers sell or accept them. Knowing which stores cash money orders is necessary if you have one.

Publix Money Order

If you’ve been wondering whether Publix accepts money orders and have been looking around.

keep reading because I’ll tell you whether you can get a money order at Publix and much more!

Does Publix Accept Money Orders?

The corporate headquarters of the American grocery chain Publix is in Lakeland, Florida.

Publix is a privately held company that is entirely owned by current and previous employees. George W. Jenkins founded it in 1930.

With over 175,000 employees, it is the biggest employee-owned business in the world.

In Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee, and North Carolina, the corporation runs 1,231 locations.

The goal of Publix is to become “the top quality food retailer in the world.”

The business achieves this by providing customers with a vast selection of premium food products at affordable pricing.

Along with offering excellent customer service. Publix works to make shopping a pleasurable experience for its consumers.

Publix is a wonderful choice for money orders. They offer money orders for sale, and the cost is very modest.

Money orders with denominations of $500 or less are available at Publix, which is fantastic.

Due to the fact that you won’t have to worry about going over the budget, this is really beneficial.

Furthermore, Publix doesn’t accept cash orders. This is significant to know since it implies that if you misplace the money, order.

You won’t be able to receive your money back. However, a money order is available at the customer service counter throughout regular business hours.

In conclusion, Publix is a fantastic option for money orders.

How Much Does a Money Order at Publix Cost?

A money order costs between $.89 and $.99 at Publix. Additionally, you must pay for a money order with any form of payment that Publix accepts.

such as cash, a prepaid debit card, or a standard debit card.

What Time is the Publix Money Order Counter Open?

We can purchase money orders at Publix during regular business hours. Often from 7 am to 10 pm, according to the Publix website.

Additionally, it is said that you can buy a money order in a few minutes as long as someone is at the customer care counter.

So long as someone is on duty at the customer service counter. You could still be able to buy a money order if you require one after regular business hours.

Knowing this is useful if you ever need to buy a money order in an emergency.

Does Publix Accept Money Orders from Western Union?

A money order is a fantastic option if you need to send money but don’t want to use cash or a cheque.

Many establishments, such as grocers, convenience stores, and post offices, sell money orders.

Although Publix is one food store that sells money orders, you cannot cash a money order there. Regardless of whether it is through Western Union or another brand.

You must visit a different kind of business, such as a bank, credit union, or check-cashing outlet.

If you need to cash a money order. Cashing a money order can be a smart alternative since it usually needs less paperwork than cashing a check.

Even though it isn’t always convenient.

Is there a Money Order Limit at Publix?

Even though the maximum amount of a money order at most Publix stores is $500. there are some that might let you buy one for more than that amount.

You will need to have identification on hand if you want to buy a money order that costs more than $500.

Furthermore, as long as you have the required amounts. There are no restrictions on the amount of money orders you can purchase at Publix.

Therefore, Publix might provide you with a large money order, but it’s advisable to contact ahead to make sure.

Is Refund Available at Publix?

Publix does not hold the money when you buy a money order from them. Instead, they send the money to the beneficiary using Western Union.

This implies that you must speak with Western Union directly if you want a refund.

They might be able to handle the refund processing for you, but be prepared to pay a $15 processing fee.

It isn’t much else you can do in this circumstance, unfortunately. Even while the news may not be what you were hoping for, at least you now have options.


Frequently Asked Questions

Whats the difference between a cashiers check and a money order

1. Can I Buy a Money Order at Publix?

Every Publix location has money services available!

Check cashing, coin redemption, Western Union money orders. And other services are all offered at Customer Service.

2. Where is it Cheaper to Get a Money Order?

Money orders typically have lower prices. Money orders from Walmart cost a maximum of 88 cents for sums up to $1,000.

when accompanied by a valid government-issued photo ID, making it one of the most affordable options.

Depending on the weight, the U.S. Postal Service charges anywhere between $1.25 and $1.76. Banks frequently charge $5.

3. How Much Does Publix Charge for Western Union?

Western Union, a supplier of money transfers, backs all money orders.

The maximum amount of money orders you can buy from Publix is $500. Fee: $0.85 to $0.89.

you must pay fees in cash, with a debit card, or with a prepaid card.

4. Can You Buy a Money Order with a Credit Card?

Only Western Union and 7-Eleven locations accept credit cards for money order purchases.

If you intend to charge a money order. Be aware that your credit card company may view the transaction as a cash advance.

which carries with it some serious drawbacks.

5. Do You Need Cash for a Money Order?

Anywhere in the United States, you can send up to $1,000 in a single order.

Any Post Office location will do. Consider bringing cash, a debit card, or a traveler’s check.

However, note that they do not accept credit cards as payment.

6. Can You Pay for a Money Order with a Debit Card?

You can use a money order in place of cash or personal checks when doing so.

puts you in danger or when they aren’t accepted as payment.

Although, you can purchase money orders at the post office, Walmart, Western Union, and your bank or credit union using cash or a debit card.

7. Can I Get a Money Order at Publix with a Debit Card?

We can purchase money orders at Publix using cash, debit cards, or prepaid debit cards.

Credit cards, cheques, and gift cards are not accepted there. To eliminate processing fees and cut down on fraud, they restrict the payment.

8. What is the Difference Between a Cashiers Check and Money Order?

There is no connection between a cashier’s check and a money order.

Other than the fact that we can use them in place of cash or personal checks.

Besides being more expensive than money orders.

Banks issue cashier’s checks when money comes in bigger dollar amounts. And are seen to be more secure than money orders.

9. Can I Buy a Money Order Online with a Debit Card?

Money orders can now be ordered online. However, they differ slightly from those bought in-person.

Let’s start by defining a money order. It is comparable to a check, but with payment assurance provided.

because someone already paid with cash, a credit card, or a debit card.

10. Are Money Orders Traceable?

By checking the USPS website. you can determine whether a money order has been cashed.

You may monitor it using the details on your money order receipt.

However, you must enter the Serial no in order to view the money order’s status.

Although Publix does sell money orders, it is unable to cash them. You can use cash, a debit card, or a prepaid debit card to purchase a money order at Publix.

Credit cards are not, however, recognized as a source of payment. Money orders have a $500 maximum per order.

so if you need more money, you’ll have to buy more money orders.

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