Does CVS Do Money Orders (Price, Limits, Locations + More)?

Does CVS Do Money Orders (Price, Limits, Locations + More)?

Many have asked, Does CVS do money orders? Well! we have answered this question in this article and discussed everything there is to know about CVS and money orders.

Does CVS Do Money Orders (Price, Limits, Locations + More)?

About CVS and Money Orders

They have introduced modern payment options and alternative means of money transfer to banking and finance thanks to the miracles of digitalization.

There are many options available for making payments and sending money right away, including Internet banking, e-wallets, mobile payment systems, and chipped debit/credit cards.

Money orders are still in use despite all these modifications.

The Federal Reserve reports that in just the first quarter of 2021, over 18 million money orders totaling $5.1 billion were processed.

Money orders can replace cash and checks.

A money order might be your best payment option if you’re paying a dubious business that requires you to send money by mail.

Money orders offer a safe alternative to third-party checks and personal checks, which both involve a high risk of fraud.

They do not expose your checking account to overdraft costs because of insufficient money, nor are your bank data exposed.

Note That

Money orders ensure the recipient will have access to the funds because they are pre-paid.

Besides being accepted, money orders have cheaper fees than cashier’s checks.

Of course, your bank or credit union is the finest location to make purchases or cash orders.

Compared to most supermarket stores, they feature bigger money order limits and reduced fees.

Given that banks provide money orders for free, why would you want to purchase them from CVS?

The main motivation for purchasing money orders at CVS is convenience.

For instance, skipping a second trip to the bank, saving time, and saving money on petrol can all be accomplished by purchasing a money order at CVS when picking up a prescription.

Eliminating pointless spending is an excellent approach to saving $10,000 annually.

If the banks are closed, you could choose to purchase money orders late at night.

Does CVS Sell Money Orders

Does CVS Sell Money Orders

They accepted MoneyGram money orders at CVS.

The maximum amount for each CVS money order is $500, and there is a $1.25 fee associated with them.

You’ll need to purchase additional money orders if you need larger sums.

Go to the checkout counter and ask the cashier to sell you a money order if you want to buy one at CVS.

Cash and PIN-based debit cards are acceptable payment methods. Keep a photo ID with you at all times for identification.

With an expired debit card or a debit card without a PIN, you won’t be able to buy money orders at CVS.

The good news is that CVS is practically everywhere.

In the US, there are roughly 10,000 store locations.

Therefore, it is more possible that you will see a few CVS locations before your bank or credit union.

Along with obtaining money orders, CVS stores are great places to fill prescriptions, purchase medicines, get inexpensive photocopies, and use fax services.

Again, up to $35 in cash back is offered by CVS on debit transactions.

Because of this, CVS is a perfect location to make money orders and complete several tasks in one trip.

However, CVS does not accept money orders.

They can only purchase money orders at CVS; however, the pharmacy chain does not cash them.

Your best option is to go to your bank or credit union to cash a money order.

They frequently cashed money orders at your bank for no cost or at a lower cost than at other locations, such as a nearby 24-hour check-cashing business.


Can You Buy a Money Order at CVS?

Does CVS Do Money Orders (Price, Limits, Locations + More)?

You can use a PIN-based debit card or cash to purchase a money order at CVS. MoneyGram money orders are available at CVS locations and cost $1.25 apiece.

To get bigger sums, you’ll have to purchase multiple money orders because there is a $500 cap per money order.

As was already noted, buying money orders at CVS is fairly convenient because you can get a lot of other things done there on one errand.

But the cost of such comfort is high. Compared to other businesses, you’ll deal with larger money order fees and a lesser limit.

For instance, the Walmart money center offers money orders for sale at a lower price of 70 cents apiece, with a greater purchase limit of $1,000.

Money orders are also available at Publix for 85 cents apiece, however, the maximum amount per money order is $500.

Consider the scenario where you need to purchase a money order for $2,000 to pay an excavating contractor for a modest landscaping job at your home.

You’ll need to get four different money orders from CVS instead. It’s not very frugal, and costs can easily increase to $5. That’s rather inconvenient!

Compared to the $1.40 you would have spent at Walmart or $3.40 at Publix, the fee is likewise rather expensive.

But if you factor in the time and gas required for a second trip if you’re already at CVS, $5 for $2,000 is still quite insignificant in terms of convenience.

What is the CVS Money Order Limit?

Does CVS Do Money Orders (Price, Limits, Locations + More)?

The maximum amount for each CVS money order is $500.

The only method to buy more than the maximum number of CVS money orders is to purchase them separately.

For instance, to make $2,000, you must purchase four different money orders from CVS.

There will be additional costs even if it could only be a slight annoyance.

To earn $2,000, the $1.25 cost for every $500 quickly increases to $5.

If the cost is too high, customers go to other locations to purchase inexpensive money orders, such as banks, credit unions, neighboring post offices, or big-box stores like Walmart.

They provide fair costs for greater amounts of up to $1000 per money order.

For instance, when returning an inflatable mattress to Walmart or returning a TV within Walmart return hours, Walmart is a fantastic spot to buy money orders.

A $1,000 money order will be sold for only 70 cents. Near the financial services desk, Walmart is a wonderful area to make crucial copies as well.

The CVS money order limit is comparable to that of many other locations, notwithstanding that.

For instance, the maximum amount for a money order at grocery retailers including Meijer, Kmart, Family Fare, Publix, and Albertsons is $500.

Although they might offer lower prices, getting to a destination might take more time.

Keep in mind that these are not banks. To spare their customers the time and inconvenience of driving to the bank, they do, however, sell money orders as a convenience service.

When compared to the time and gas a consumer would use to make an additional trip to the bank, the $1–$2 money order price is still negligible.


Does CVS Cash Money Orders?

They cannot cash orders at CVS. Unfortunately, CVS doesn’t cash MoneyGram money orders or let clients spend them as cash; instead, they only print MoneyGram money orders.

You’ll have to look for another choice.

Your bank or credit union is the finest and most affordable place to cash a money order.

Some financial institutions give account holders the option of cashing money orders for free or for a nominal cost.

Non-customers may be subject to higher surcharges.

You can choose to deposit the money into your checking account, thus going to your bank offers a benefit.

As a last resort, you can cash orders at check-cashing businesses, but the costs will be more expensive than at Walmart or similar grocery stores where you can also cash orders.

Always bring a legitimate photo ID with you when you need to be identified.

Additional Information on CVS Cashing Money Orders

There are several locations where you may cash orders without paying a lot of money.

Due to its extensive presence and a vast range of services, CVS is a fantastic spot to purchase money orders.

While the price of a money order from CVS is more than that of some other locations, it’s simple to find a location nearby, saving you time and money on driving.

To complete the transaction, bring your cash or debit card to the checkout counter along with a legitimate photo ID.

It’s crucial to remember that CVS only sells MoneyGram money orders; they are not cashed.

At a bank, credit union, or other establishments that cash checks, money orders purchased at CVS can be cashed.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Much is a Money Order At CVS?

Over 9,900 CVS shops offer money orders.

CVS used MoneyGram, a company that offers payment and money transfer services.

They can purchase money orders at CVS for $1.25 and have a $500 maximum.

Earn up to $1,500 by creating a Citi Priority Account and completing the steps.

2. Do Walgreens Or CVS Do Money Orders?

Money orders are not available at Walgreens. However, it does offer Western Union money transactions for sale.

3. Can You Send Money Order From CVS?

MoneyGram money orders are accessible at CVS and have a $500 limit, as opposed to certain money order issuers’ $1,000 maximum.

Therefore, two money orders would be required to cover the entire amount you wish to transfer, say you need to send $800.

Fortunately, as of 2020, CVS money orders only cost $1.25 each.

4. Can You Buy a Money Order With a Debit Card?

They can purchase money orders at the post office, Walmart, Western Union, and your bank or credit union using cash or a debit card.

More FAQs on Does CVS Do Money Orders 

5. Can I Get a Money Order With My Cash App Card?

You cannot use a credit card to purchase a money order online; you must purchase money orders in person.

Use money transfer software like Venmo or Square Cash to send money online to friends and relatives (aka the Cash App).

6. Can Money Order be Done Online?

Money orders are difficult to find online, but you can order practically anything else.

However, there are plenty of other ways to transfer money to friends.

7. What is Instant Money Order?

IMO is an instant web-based money transfer service that allows two residents of Indian territory to send money to each other through a Post Office (IMO Center).

8. Do Money Orders Expire at CVS?

A money order from CVS may remain valid for up to three years.

It is comparable to Post Office money orders, which have an indefinite expiration date.

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