How Much is a Money Order at Walmart?

How Much is a Money Order at Walmart? A money order is an easy option when you need to pay a bill or buy something with a check but don’t have a checking account. Lets educate you on a money order that is inexpensive and simple to obtain.

How much is a Money Order at Walmart

Walmart’s financial services are among its greatest products and services. Also, nearly every Walmart offers a MoneyCenter area where you may perform a variety of financial tasks.

Interestingly, you can typically complete any necessary transactions at a MoneyCenter, whether you need to withdraw cash from an ATM, pay a check, or make more complicated swaps.

However, you might require the service of having a money order cashed or purchased. Also, at Walmart MoneyCenters, you can either buy a money order or cash one.

Walmart also has partnerships with Western Union and MoneyGram, so you can transfer your money order overseas as well.

However, you will be charged $1 by Walmart for both purchasing and cashing a money order. Interestingly, Walmart makes money for its service in this way.

Also, Walmart offers all three options if you need to send, buy, or cash a money order.

Does Walmart Engage in Money Orders?


Walmart does cash and sends money orders through MoneyGram at their Money Service Centers. 

Also, Walmart money orders under $1,000 require a government photo ID and have a maximum fee of $1. 

In addition, money orders are available within Walmart trading hours (7 am–11 pm and 24/7 for select locations)

Walmart Money Orders are a good way to transfer or receive money, particularly if you’re seeking for a low-cost solution.

Walmart is an affordable choice for anyone wishing to transfer or receive money fast and securely, thanks to its low costs and the opportunity to trace your money orders.

Money Order Limit at Walmart

Money order has a specific limit. Interestingly, the most expensive fee is $0.88 per money order. As a result, Walmart is among the least expensive sites to purchase a money order.

In addition, the money order limit at Walmart is $1,000. Also, you will need to purchase many money orders (for instance, two money orders totaling $2,000) if your needs exceed $1,000. Also, there is a $3,000 daily cap on money order purchases.

How to Get a Money Order at Walmart

How to get a Money Order at Walmart

Interestingly, you might be unsure of how to get a money order at Walmart if you’ve never done so before.

However, here are the procedures to take in order to buy a money order.

1. Find a MoneyCenter Or Customer Service Desk

To get a money order, first, locate the proper Walmart location before beginning your purchase. Also, you should be able to find a MoneyCenter in most stores.

In addition, you can purchase money orders there. However, in the absence of a MoneyCenter at your local Walmart, visit the customer service counter.

Also, they should typically still be able to assist you in getting a money order. In addition, when you enter the MoneyCenter, you will either come across a machine where you may buy a money order or an employee.

2. Purchase the Amount You Need

After getting to the customer service desk, you must now provide the amount you require to the representative or computer.

Rent is the sum due if you have to pay it. However, you must get an $800 money order if your rent is $800. In addition, you must buy a money order for $500 if you wish to send someone money.

When you are certain of the quantity you require, either input it into the machine or inform the agent.

3. Complete and Fill in the Fields

After purchasing the amount you need. You need to fill out the money order, you must complete a few fields.

Also, the form requires your name, the recipient’s name, and the payment amount.

In addition, it must also include your bank information on the form. The computer or customer service representative will process your order once you’ve completed all the fields.

4. Pay The Service Fee

After completing the field. You must pay $1 for the money order prior to receiving your order. Almost any payment option can pay the price.

In addition, credit cards and personal checks are not typically acceptable forms of payment. Debit cards, PayPal, and cash are all acceptable forms of payment.

5. Deliver the money order

Once the service charge gets paid and the order is prepared, you may either deliver it to the recipient or mail it to them.

Also, Walmart MoneyCenter can help send it if you need to. In addition, even Western Union can transfer money orders.

It’s crucial to consider whether the recipient has access to MoneyGram if you are sending it internationally. They won’t be able to cash their money order if they cannot do so.

This is because Walmart manages its money orders through MoneyGram. To complete the deal, they will cash it.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Much are Walmart Money Orders?

It costs only $1 in your neighbourhood Walmart, which is a pretty reasonable price. In contrast, the U.S. Postal Service charges $1.45 for money orders under $500 and $1.95 for money orders over $500.

2. Who has the Cheapest Money Orders?

Money orders typically have lower prices. Also, money orders from Walmart cost a maximum of 88 cents for sums up to $1,000 when accompanied by a valid government-issued photo ID, making it one of the most affordable options. However, depending on the weight, the U.S. Postal Service charges anywhere between $1.25 and $1.76. Banks frequently charge $5.

3. How Much Does It Cost for a $100 Money Order?

Money orders up to $100 or $1,000 normally cost $1.25 or $1.50, depending on the agent location. However, higher amounts cost more. In addition, this is less expensive than what you would spend at a bank or credit union and even a few cents less than what you would pay at the US Post Office.

4. How much is a $400 Money Order at Walmart?

The cost of the money order is $1.45 for $0.01 to $500. $1.95 for $500.01 to $1,000. Postal Military Money Orders cost $0.50.

5. What’s the Limit on a Money Order?

Money orders normally have a $1,000 maximum. Also, it might be limited to smaller amounts in some regions. In addition, you might be better off getting one cashier’s check for the entire amount if you have to buy several money orders to exceed the limit.

6. Do you Need ID for Money Orders?

Yes, you do. Also, you must present a legitimate photo ID if you gain more than $1,000 worth of money orders in a single day.

7. Can you get a Money Order with a Debit Card?

Yes, you can. Also, money orders can be purchased at the post office, Walmart, Western Union, and your bank or credit union using cash or a debit card.

8. Do Money Orders get Reported to IRS?

The financial institution issuing the cashier’s check, bank draft, traveller’s check, or money order is required to report the transaction by filing the FinCEN Currency Transaction Report. This is when a customer uses currency worth more than $10,000 to buy a monetary instrument.

9. How much Cash can I Deposit Without Being Flagged?

It is any sum under $10,000. Also, anything over $10,000 being deposited into a bank account is considered suspicious because of terrorism and drugs. In addition, you are suspicious when you make deposits, even if you are a genuine business owner who complies with all applicable state and federal rules.

10. How much Money can you have in your Bank Account Without Being Taxed?

The $10,000 cap was established as a part of the 1970 Bank Secrecy Act and changed in 2002 with the Patriot Act.

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