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Nutri Chopper Review 2022 (NutriChopper As Seen On TV)

– Nutri Chopper Review –

A hand-held tool called a NutriChopper is designed to chop up a variety of foods, such as fruits, vegetables, meats, and cheeses, up to ten times faster than with a knife. This article will enable you to know more about Nutri Chopper.

Nutri Chopper Review 2022

NutriChopper is a portable food slicer that combines three stainless steel blade attachments to create four different cuts: sticks or cubes, thin slices, thick slices, and wedges.

Also, this little portable food slicing is far faster than traditional knives. The trouble is, you can only make one slice with a knife at a time, thus it will take some time to finish the cutting.

However, NutriChopper allows you to make around five slices all at once, which allows you to work more quickly and efficiently. The slicer is dishwasher safe and simpler to use than your old knife.

In addition, NutriChopper has a quick-lock feature that allows you to store it safely in your drawer when not in use. The fresh-keeping container and lid are also included, making it even easier to store your pre-cut items.


Nutrichopper Reviews

Nutrichopper Reviews

The NutriChopper is a portable slicer that is unique in its design; it looks more like a citrus squeezer. The NutriChopper design, however, has issues.

Also, vegetables cannot be cut into slices or chopped with your hand acting as a squeezer for citrus fruits. There are few reviews on Nutrichopper. They are.

1. NutriChopper is Flimsy 

In the video, the NutriChopper appears to be very promising. But there’s a problem. Interestingly, the company built the NutriChopper of fragile plastic and has weak blades that lack the strength to cut through tough produce. 

In addition, on the NutriChopper handle, you need to exert a lot of pressure even when slicing soft fruits and vegetables. Perfect slices are less likely to break the NutriChopper than imperfect ones.

2. NutriChopper is Small in Size than in Videos 

NutriChopper is smaller than most fruits and vegetables, so they cannot all fit inside the device. You must first chop an onion in half before placing each piece on the NutriChopper to add it to the container. 

Also, to get the onion to go through the dicer as well, you must squeeze the NutriChopper with all of your hand might. The NutriChopper containers are tiny and useless.

3. NutriChopper Blades cannot be Removed for Sharpening

The NutriChopper’s inability to remove the blades for sharpening is another negative. The blades are actually not very sharp, and they will eventually get blunt with repeated usage.

Therefore, your slicing, dicing, chopping, and mincing will become sloppy and mushy as they get dull (after a few months).

 4. NutriChopper is not Meant for Heavy Use

The NutriChopper is absolutely not built to withstand “heavy” use. In addition, this NutriChopper would have been helpful if it had been sturdy with an all-metal build and a little larger.

Also, the NutriChopper is a portable slicer that is unique in its design; it looks more like a citrus squeezer. The NutriChopper design, however, has issues. Vegetables cannot be cut into slices or chopped with your hand acting as a squeezer for citrus fruits

In addition, pushing the NutriChopper while holding it in your hand over a pan is incredibly difficult and cumbersome.

Fruits and vegetables are “chunky” and hard, thus any vegetable slicer or chopper needs to be set down so you can apply sufficient force with both hands. 

Interestingly, the Vidalia and Salsa Master are larger than the NutriChopper and were all designed to be kept on the countertop as seen in the TV segment.


Frequently Asked Questions 


1. Which is the Best Chopper?

The best chopper is the KitchenAid 3.5-cup food chopper.

2. Which is the Best Vegetable Chopper?

Interestingly, this best vegetable chopper is a Mueller onion chopper Pro vegetable chopper.

3. Is Electric Chopper Useful?

Yes, they are. Also, they work well for coarsely cutting nuts or vegetables and are excellent for salsa-making. Electric choppers are tiny food processors. 

Like manual choppers, they work well for rough chopping, but they can also make small quantities of purees.

4. Are Choppers Useful?

When you want to reduce the number of times, you use a knife and speed up the preparation, food choppers are a useful tool.

In addition, typical applications for a food processor include chopping carrots, celery, onions, and other ingredients for soups and stews.

5. Is a Vegetable Chopper Worth it?

Yes, it’s worth it. In addition, a vegetable chopper’s main purpose is to make meal preparation easier and faster for you. 

However, if cleaning the equipment after supper takes a lot of time and effort, it truly isn’t worth the price. The simplest choppers may be disassembled and quickly placed in the dishwasher.

6. Is Chopper same as Food Processor?

Chefs can use food choppers to slice or chop a single item by pushing or pulling a handle that directs the food through cutting blades. 

In addition, the main distinction between a food processor and a chopper is this. Food choppers provide the user complete control over the size and shape of the cut, which is helpful for many recipes.

7. Can I use a blender to chop vegetables?

You can chop vegetables in a blender. The blender you use must have a chop and pulse feature in order to accomplish this. However, before putting the vegetables in the blender, they must be cut up if they are large.

8. How do I Choose a Food Chopper?

Make sure the equipment you select is strong enough to handle the challenging tasks, such as kneading stiff doughs, cutting raw vegetables, or shredding a hard cheese

In addition, if you don’t, there’s a chance the processor won’t chop or combine the ingredients evenly. Even worse, the motor may burn out.

9. What do you Put in a Chopper?

There are various things you can put in a chopper. Interestingly, you can put vegetables or fruits. 

10. Can you puree in a chopper?

Yes, you can. Although some models come with a whisk attachment, a food chopper typically only has one blade to chop, purée, and mix smaller portions of food.

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