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Suntrust Money Order (Transfer Fees, Rates & Restrictions, etc)

SunTrust Banks sells and cashes money orders. Interestingly, you don’t have to be a SunTrust account holder to buy or cash a money order. This article will enlighten you more on Suntrust money order.

Suntrust Money Order

According to bank representatives from multiple branch locations throughout several states, SunTrust Banks sells and cashes money orders. 

Also, if you have a Suntrust checking account, you can purchase money orders with cash or by deducting the cost from your account.

According to Suntrust customer care staff, the standard price to buy or cash a money order is $5 for account holders and $10 for non-account holders. 

In addition, you can order money orders incurring no fees by holders of certain Checking and Signature Advantage accounts.

You cannot deposit money orders through a mobile device. However, they can be deposited at any Suntrust ATM by account holders.

 In addition, Suntrust business clients can remotely scan and deposit money orders.

While most banks provide money order services to both account holders and non-holders. 

To find out more about the branch-specific policy, get in touch with your nearby SunTrust Banks.

Suntrust Transfer Limit

Suntrust Transfer Limit

The maximum outbound transfer amount for Suntrust is $2,000 per business day or $10,000 every rolling 30-day period. 

Also, the transfer cap at BB&T is $5,000 per day or $12,500 per month. Whether these transfer limits will remain the same for all Trust bank accounts is not expressly stated at this time.

Suntrust Transfer Money to Another Bank

When you receive an international transfer from Suntrust, there is a $30.00 fee. 

Also, it’s important to keep in mind that while sending a transfer, the receiving bank could charge you extra costs.

However, we cannot guarantee that SunTrust Banks’s exchange transfer rates and costs will be the same. Till you make new details available. 

With the help of a money transfer operator, you might move money worldwide more affordably.


How to Transfer Money from Suntrust to Another Bank

To transfer money from Suntrust to another bank, you need to follow these procedures.

1. Enter the internet banking system.

2. Choose Transfer & pay.

3. Select Pay Trust accounts & transfer funds.

4. In the first drop-down menu, select the account you want to transfer money from.

5. From the second drop-down box, select the account you wish to send money to.

6. Select Recurring or Onetime.

7. Enter the transfer amount.

8. Choose when to transfer.

9. Choose or enter a transaction date for the transfers.

10. Choose or enter your start date for recurring transfers, then choose your frequency from the drop-down selection.

11. Add an optional memo here.

12. finally, choose continue.

Bank of America Money Order Online

Bank of America Money Order Online

To do money orders online, especially through Bank of America you need to follow these procedures.

1. Choose the amount for the money order. Anywhere in the United States, you can send up to $1,000 in a single order. Any Post Office location will do.

2. Also, if you consider bringing cash, a debit card, or a traveller’s check. They do not accept credit cards as payment.

3. Together with a salesperson, complete the money order at the counter.

4. Pay the money order’s face amount plus the issuing charge.

5. For money order tracking purposes, keep your receipt.


Frequently Asked Questions 

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1. How Much is a Money Order at SunTrust Banks?

Suntrust money order is $5 for customers and $10 for non-customers

2. Does Suntrust Offer Free Money Orders?

Yes, Sun trust offers money orders. In addition, four additional fee-free checking accounts, maximum.

For a Trust Savings account, there is no monthly maintenance cost. Any safe deposit box is $25 off. Free authentic checks and money orders. In addition, suntrust money order is very accessible.

3. Can I get a Money Order from my Bank?

Yes, you can. Also, Money orders are available to banks and credit unions and several other establishments.

This includes big box stores, post offices, and even some petrol stations. Using money orders instead of cash or checks is a secure option.

4. Where do I get a Money Order or Cashier’s Check?

You can purchase money orders in banks and other locations.

In addition, cashier’s checks can only be obtained by opening an account at a bank, credit union, or other financial institution.

Interestingly, a money order functions similarly to a prepaid check-in that the amount is guaranteed.

5. Does Suntrust give Cashier’s Checks?

Some financial institutions, such as Bank of America, PNC, Suntrust, Chase, M&T Bank, and U.S. Bank, let customers use their mobile banking apps to deposit cashier’s checks up to a particular dollar amount.

6. How Much does it Cost to Get a Money Order?

How much a USPS money order costs is: $1.45 for $0.01 to $500. $1.95 for $500.01 to $1,000. Postal Military Money Orders cost $0.50.

7. Who has the Cheapest Money Order?

Suntrust money order typically has lower prices. Also, money orders from Walmart cost a maximum of 88 cents for sums up to $1,000.

You can get this when accompanied by a valid government-issued photo ID, making it one of the most affordable options. 

However, depending on the weight, the U.S. Postal Service charges anywhere between $1.25 and $1.76. Banks frequently charge $5.

8. Can I buy a Suntrust Money Order with Debt?

You can purchase money orders at the post office, Walmart, Western Union, and your bank or credit union using cash or a debit card.

9. Can I Purchase a Money Order with a Credit Card?

Only Western Union and 7-Eleven locations accept credit cards for money order purchases.

If you intend to charge a money order. Be aware that your credit card company may view the transaction as a cash advance.

10. Can I do Money Order Online?

Money orders can now be ordered online. However, they differ slightly from those bought in person. In addition, Suntrust money orders can be done online too.

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